885 Tense Atmosphere

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Luo Qun utilized her personal connections to look through the investigation files. However, nothing she found was useful. Some of the information had already been reported to the police. The only useful piece of information was the portrait provided by Li Du. Luo Qun stared blankly at the portrait like a delicious dish. She was enjoying her drink with her vision locked on it.

Shortly after, she finished a bottle of wine.

She stared at the portrait and asked, "Is he the killer? Is he really the killer who's supposed to go to hell?"

Li Du replied, "I'm ninety-nine percent certain. Even if he's not the one who killed your family, he's definitely related to this case."

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Luo Qun nodded slowly. "Alright, I'm going to get him then. Let's hope that he's not dead. He can't be dead!"

Li Du waited for her to calm down and asked, "Luo Qun, will the police throw away the case files and evidence?"

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