303 A Fruitful Hunt

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Hugo’s confidence was crushed and shattered. He had not managed to hunt anything.

The moment he had first noticed a nearby animal, Li Du had already killed it with his arrows. When he had discovered a far away target, he fired first but the bullets had missed the target terribly. And when the prey had entered the range of the crossbow, there was nothing he could do but look on.

Li Du had successfully hunted ten animals in a row. Hugo gave up the challenge—he looked spiritless and ran away with his gun, obviously not his usual self.

Harris shouted, "B*st*rd! Where are you going?"

Hugo did not say a word. He did not even turn to look back. His figure soon disappeared in their vision.

Without the chief gunman, Harris was lost.

Li Du played with the crossbow and asked, "Hey, pal, is the match over now?"

"Don't be so confident," Harris said stubbornly. "It's just the beginning—"

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The onlookers started to yell at him:

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