638 Being Monitored

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After jumping out of the truck, Li Du looked at the familiar crushed rocks. He stomped his feet vigorously and bellowed, "Hey yo! Fire opals, here I come."

Godzilla waved his fists and beat his chest forcefully, roaring, "Hey yo! Hey yo! Hey yo!"

Ah Ow stretched her neck towards the sky. "Ah woo! Ah woo!"

Ah Meow also began shrieking, "Meow, meow!"

As raccoons were not adept at barking, Crispy Noodles looked at them, shocked, before gazing sideways at Brother Wolf, who also looked shocked.

After the shouting was over, Brother Wolf was silent for a while. He walked over to Godzilla and whispered, "Mate, why did you shout?"

As he was currently under probation, he wanted to integrate into the team and hoped to become a formal member soon so he could get his million dollar salary.

Godzilla, with an innocent look on his face, said, "I don't know."

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Brother Wolf was speechless.

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