888 Everyone’s Gain

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"Tens of thousands? Los Angeles house prices are not high." Li Du had believed it would cost more than a hundred thousand dollars to buy a small building in this county.

"It's not a villa, it's just a country apartment. You see it's so far away from downtown Los Angeles, it's so cheap, a developer can build hundreds of them out of a piece of paper," said Hans.

Indeed, Bell's family was a long way from downtown Los Angeles. They were driving pickup trucks on smooth roads at a speed of at least 80 kilometers per hour, and it took more than half an hour to get there.

Bell's house would be very busy. Starting tomorrow, almost all of his guests would be present.

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Li Du called Bell and when they got out of the car, he stood waving at them from his door.

"Welcome and let me introduce you to some new friends, old friends, and people who you aren't friends with. For the sake of my reputation, please don't leave the moment you walk in," Bell laughed.

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