1271 Golden Ivory

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The next day, Steve managed to link himself up with a truck. 

Just as Li Du was about to leave in his car, the small white monkey caught up with him. It stood by his feet and looked up at him.

Li Du had stayed there for three days, and during those days, Li Du had been feeding the little monkey. Sometimes, he fed the monkey apples and bananas and other times, he gave the monkey some dried fruits.

The little white monkey enjoyed eating dried fruits. Li Du had been right in guessing that the animal's intelligence was way ahead of other animals. Very quickly, the monkey learned to crack nuts and even knew how to bite on the melon seeds with its teeth.

Li Du took out an apple and passed it to the monkey. Then he put out his hands and said, "You stay behind here by yourself. I have to leave. But I will probably be back."

The little white monkey hugged the apple and continued to look at Li Du. Its eyes were clear and it stared at Li Du with seriousness.

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