1272 Excavated Entirely

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One of the ivory hunters smiled. "Ha, then they are really too good. Nobody knows how many ivory tusks there are in this area, nor where they are hidden…"

The owner said in all seriousness, "But they have a way. Buddy, I know these guys. They brought along a new type of equipment. It is able to sense ivory underground."

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Surrounding them, a few ivory hunters shook their heads. "Where would they get such a machine? That's not possible."

The owner said, "It is called a nuclear magnetic penetration and feedback analysis machine. I'm not sure about its exact mechanics either. In any case, it can shoot some sort of particles to the ground. The particles can be marked beforehand, with measurements like density, hardness, and other relevant criteria. When the particles meet with ivory buried in the ground, the machine will promptly send feedback, so one can easily find it."

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