1270 Mammoth Excavation

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Picking up the apple core, the little white monkey put it near its nose and sniffed, then stared at Li Du.

Li Du's heart skipped a beat as the monkey kept sniffing at the apple and then took a careful bite.

Although it was the core, there was still quite a lot of apple left around it. The little white monkey bit off a small piece of fruit and started chewing.

All apes were omnivores and would often eat insects and grass seeds, but the fruit was surely better.

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As the little monkey chewed the apple, its eyes became brighter and brighter, and soon its hands were holding fast to the core. He bit at it incessantly, just like a chicken pecking rice. He quickly finished the core of the apple, including the seeds.

Li Du attempted to hand it another apple, but the little monkey quickly ran back to his parents' bodies. Facing Li Du, it still looked wary.

Li Du had no choice but to put down the apple and walk away.

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