732 Flying Shark

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On the beach were inns that were similar to the family hotel that they had stayed in previously. In this type of place, sightseeing was convenient and all the bosses here were either experienced divers or fishermen and hence, had a deep understanding of the sea.

Therefore, for the purpose of seeking advice from them on some questions in regards to harvesting abalone, Li Du chose to stay in those inns.

Lu Guan, who was a little worried, asked, "Aren't we a little too close to the sea? There is a huge storm coming."

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Li Du waved his hand nonchalantly and replied, "Not a problem. Is this storm even able to blow a house down? We're just seeking shelter from the rain."

There was another reason for him choosing to stay on the beach. According to his understanding, in order to search for food after a storm, abalones would not cling tightly to the reefs like they usually would and hence, it was more convenient to harvest them.

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