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The shark's eyes were black, its body was grey with a light brown band, and the exposed abdomen was pale white. Its tail was a standard crescent shape, and in its opened mouth were fine sharp teeth like the blade of a saw.

It was about two and a half meters long and quite large. It fell on the shore with blood dripping out of its mouth. Its black eyes were almost bulged out as its tail thrashed a few times before it finally stopped moving.

Li Du stared at the owner and said, "What's the matter? Flying shark?"

Ah Meow stared at the big fish with widened eyes, and his long tail swung excitedly to and fro. If they had not closed the door, he would have run out.

The owner looked horrified. "The storm is so bad that this unlucky shark was blown on shore!"

"Has this happened before?" asked Li Du.


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