731 Rather Changeable

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Because humans are much larger than vipers, vipers do not consider them prey and aren't inclined to attack.

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They moved to a place where they could install a stove and make a fire for cooking. The tiger snake stopped bothering them and hid under a stone.

Ah Meow had been trying to stir the snake up, scratching with his little paws, trying to turn over rocks to fish the tiger snake out and play with it again.

Ah Ow was getting bold, wagging her tail and probing behind Ah Meow.

When Li Du noticed this, he picked up Ah Meow and slapped Ah Ow on her behind. "What are you doing? You'll die when the snake bites you, you know?"

Ah Ow was somewhat restrained after being beaten, but she was not deterred. The bigger she got, the bolder she became.

Li Du caught her and slapped her twice, and dragged her back by the ears. Finally, she stopped.

After lunch, they moved on, and after they drove south for some time, Melbourne came into view.

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