122 Everyone’s the Boss

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In the latter half of May, Smith Storage Co. once again began having auctions.

As they had a good grasp of the treasure hunting business in Flagstaff, Li Du and Hans did not go there early. When they arrived, there were already about 20 people chattering outside the storage doors.

Seeing the two, people started to give their greetings.

"Hi, Li, Big Fox. Nice work in Phoenix."

"What attracted you guys here today?"

F*ck, you guys are here. Then I’d better leave. I probably won’t be able to get anything."

Li Du returned their greetings and said casually, "There’s not a lot of people here today."

Hans nodded and said, "Of course; only four units. There wasn’t much news of this either. This kind of auction wouldn’t attract many people."

While the two were talking, a treasure hunter that had once drunk with them came over and said, "Guys, wanna go have some fun later?"

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Li Du remembered the guy was called Turís. He asked Turís, "What’s the reason to go?"

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