121 Veteran’s Storage

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With that, Li Du’s morning exercise plan was ruined.

The fat orange Tabby had poor feral instincts compared to its kind, and was also not as durable as dogs. The moment Ah Meow rushed up the tree, it leaped at the Tabby. On landing, the cat rode right to the top with Ah Meow on its back. Thankfully, Ah Meow did not flatten it.

It was lucky that Li Du managed to catch up and pry Ah Meow off, or else the life of the fat orange cat would have been over.

"What’s wrong with you? Why did you turn so violent? Are you trying to be a warmonger?" Li Du glared at Ah Meow.

Ah Meow clawed menacingly at a Samoyed dog that was a distance away. "Meowwww!"

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A man came by from the side. When he saw the scene, he said, "Could your cat have gotten rabies?"

Li Du said unpleasantly, "This child is healthy, without a doubt."

Ah Meow continued its hostile rage. There was no choice: he had to bring this ocelot back home.

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