123 Extra Auction Chance

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Li Du wanted to mess with that spoiled brat; besides thinking this, Li Du wanted to execute it.

The first storage unit opened, and everyone queued up to view. It was the start of the auction.

Li Du knew that this unit was full of rubbish. After taking a glance as always, he said plainly, "Bidding!"

Hans looked at him, puzzled. "Are you sure? This unit?"

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Li Du said softly, "We’re gonna set that guy up. He’s a brainless, spoiled brat, who’s trying to hinder us, and his only way is to raise the prices of the units. Let’s get him."

With the end of the viewing, the auctioneer raised his hand up and shouted, "Everyone come forward, this unit is 100 dollars, 100 dollars, 100 dollars. Anyone willing to go for 100…"

"That’s cheap, we’ll take it," Hans immediately called.

The auctioneer pointed at him. "Alright, 100—someone has taken it, now 150, 150, 150…"

"Me!" Lil’ Rick quickly raised his hand. Li Du and Hans looked each other in the eye and snickered at the same time.

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