1289 Bride Market

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In any case, he had to bear the consequences of his own decisions.

Steve kept the manul out of sheer stubbornness, but in all honesty, it didn't bother him. He didn't have to make any special arrangements for the manul permission when went out, unlike Li Du, who had to keep the six little ones happy wherever he went.

Li Du didn't understand what market there could be in this small polar town, but he saw Steve and his entourage smiling and eager as if looking forward to a really interesting event.

By the time they got to the area where the fair was taking place, he guessed what it was.

There were crowds on the street, which answered Li Du's unspoken question as to why the city streets were so empty. He knew now that the people were all gathering there.

The middle of the road was full of people who spilled over to both sides of it. The centerpiece of the fair was a group of beautiful young women in pageant dresses.

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