1288 Drunken Monkey

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Ah Bai was drunk, and it gave Ah Meng a sharp hit because Crispy Noodles brushed its head with his tail.

It was a little crazy, but that was what happened.

Ah Bai skipped around for a while and finally, the burning sensation subsided. However, not long after, the drunkenness came over it. It staggered as it walked, and its vision became blurry.

The other five little ones found it interesting, so they went up to tease it. Crispy Noodles swept it with his tail and ran away. Ah Bai spotted Ah Meng, who was behind Crispy Noodles and went up to hit it.

Li Du was amused at first. Is this monkey boxing or drunk boxing? Soon, however, he stopped laughing.

Ah Meng was vengeful. It would scratch a tree even if it were he who accidentally bumped into it. Being hit on the neck without any reason enraged it.

I'm going to kill you, thought the angry honey badger.

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