1290 Motorcycle Stunts

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Li Du remembered that Russia, their neighboring country in the north, seemed to have good relations with the Chinese nation and was once the Big Brother of the young republic, helping China fight the Japanese in Kanto.

So deep down, Li Du felt better about Russia than he did about the United States.

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Later, after experiencing some discrimination and deception in the United States, he felt even worse about the United States. However, when he came to Russia this time, he found that Americans seemed to be friendlier to Chinese than Russians.

Many people in Russia did not like the Chinese, especially people at the lower levels of society. They thought that Chinese people stole their jobs and their wealth.

Nowadays, many Chinese people have come to thrive in Russia, in the fields of farming, animal husbandry, fish and forestry business, and other industries, so that many poor Russians were now working for a Chinese boss.

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