632 Again, Again, Again

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Will's villa had four stories, occupied a large area and was located below a hill, which made it look very sturdy and reliable.

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On the hillside behind the villa was a well-kept forest. As it was too dark, Li Du was unable to see clearly the particular type of tree. It was most likely pine tree or a similar type as he was able to hear the whistling of the wind in the pines.

Will turned on the lights. The style of the villa was on the archaic side and had no majestic grandeur while the furniture, flooring and windows inside had a wooden style that gave the sense of living in nature.

The basement was a storeroom with wine racks and beer barrels. Will took out some red wine and a beer barrel for the night's drinks.

Li Du said, "Mate, you sure are brave. Not only did you invite strangers to your house for a meal, you also plan on drinking so much alcohol? Are you not afraid that we will cause trouble after drinking too much?"

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