631 The Multi-Millionaire

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With the bid of 15,000 dollars, of course no one would want to compete with the middle-aged man with the blonde beard.

However, he didn't seem to be all that concerned. Sayder pointed to him and said that it was a deal. Everyone applauded. The middle-aged man also started to applaud, smiling and nodding to show his thanks to the surrounding crowd.

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According to the rules, as sellers, Li Du and Hans should go greet the middle-aged man. Other than thanking him, they would also need to answer any queries he may have had.

The two men walked over to introduce themselves. The middle-aged man shook hands with them. With a bitter smile he said, "Money spent in exchange for a lesson learned—to not rush into things next time."

Li Du was very understanding. He said, "It doesn't matter, Mister. We can refund you some money."

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