633 What an Amazing Guy

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This discovery had so depressed Li Du that he almost jumped up. He cursed silently in his heart: what was wrong with him? What evil had he done to deserve this? How could he be so unlucky during this time?

Before this, when he had encountered a robbery, he had already felt so down on his luck. It was about time his luck changed for the better.

However, to play it safe, he didn't head out for the following few days, and had instead stayed put at the cabin.

In the end, when he finally came out, he was about to encounter a kidnapping situation again.

To be honest, he had wanted to go home and find a master to read his fortune–how could he be so unlucky these days?

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After brooding for a while, Li Du stopped feeling fearful. After all, Godzilla and Big Quinn were just in front of him. The villa was also well surrounded by security while the security patrol car could be seen circling the area.

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