242 A Glimpse of Shyness

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The sunlight was hot that afternoon. When it shined on one’s back, it was like splashing boiled water on the skin.

Sophie pulled the curtains in the living room and it blocked the sunlight. This created a lazy atmosphere in the room as it was not that bright anymore.

She opened the piano lid and looked at the black and white piano keys.

A ray of sunlight shined on the piano. When Sophie touched the keys, the light was diverted and it created a beautiful curve in the air.

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Breathing in lightly, Sophie smiled and looked carefree. She pressed the keys softly and increased her speed.

The piano sound was loud and clear. From low key to high key, the notes became high-pitched and then dropped slowly according to the rhythm.

While waiting for the water to boil, Li Du leaned on the kitchen door and stared at her, attentively listening to the cheerful music.

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