243 The Goddess and The Lunatic

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He and Sophie sat under the tree until evening, talking about many things.

Sophie had never left Arizona. She used to be a conservative and easily contented girl, but as the years passed by she started to feel curious about the outside world.

Li Du told her about some of the places he had been before. He talked about China, about the forest and snow in Northeast China, the desert and wind in Northwest China, the lake and water in Southeast China, and the mountains and valleys in Southwest China.

Sophie was fascinated by the Chinese culture, and had read books about the country’s history and geography. But what was written in books was different than what was told by a person.

When night fell, Li Du left.

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When he reached home, Luo Qun was sitting on the sofa watching television. She was hugging a furry toy bear and laughing happily.

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