241 Kikujiro

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There were 14 pictures on the desk. There was a Chinese couple holding a baby girl in the first picture. As the pictures went on, it appeared that the baby girl grew into Rose.

By the eighth picture, there was a baby boy with the family, making the family of three a family of four.

After Rose had become a beautiful young lady, there were no more pictures.

Li Du stared at the pictures attentively—they were probably Rose’s parents and brother. But the lady cop never mentioned them.

After Rose put away the tableware, she saw Li Du staring at the pictures when she walked into the room. Her expression changed immediately and she stood in front of Li Du.

Li Du said, "I’m sorry—I might be interfering with your privacy."

Rose flipped her hair and said softly, "It’s alright, there’s nothing private about this. Can you help me move this bookshelf please?"

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