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You portray yourself as if this isn't some 5 star work but damn I'm not sure if you're looking at it with rose colored lenses or not! With a bit more polish, better advertising, and more people to reach, your book will be amazing. I loved the way the characters banter with one another, Cael's attitude, and many more. I can say that the world building sounds okay, albeit a few weird details here and there but I am sure that anyone who likes fantasy can enjoy what you put out to an extent. will immerse more later, review too long paper planes needed for conversation


Wow I love how mysterious your story is , unexpected things happen a lot there like how the main character looked 13 in his eyes... And also the story makes me sad too 😭..


Thank you for visiting my story and I hope you would take some of your time to read until 10 chapters. I can't promise to give you a five-star writing quality. As for the updates, I'll do my best to write few chapters as I can every week. Please give this story an honest review. Thank you! For my fellow authors, you can chat me on my discord (M_Sword #7673) for review swaps. For readers, you can reply down this review if you want to suggest names. I badly need it, hahaha. [img=recommend]