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Transferring this to another book. If you want to read a fantasy laidback story while unveiling the mystery of the world background, this may be a good fit for you. This will soon publish in the year 2022. Blurb: Ascael Witz spent a quarter-of-quarter of his life sneakily reading books in the city's bookstore and died tragically. He thought his life finally ended but found himself amidst the greenery sight with a naked butt. After trapping himself in a delusion, he finally accepted that he was transmigrated! Thinking that he was a chosen protagonist of any story, But his misfortune seemed to cling to him even in the afterlife. He could not find a job! He kneeled to fate and unknowingly weaved a job perfectly suitable for him. He was enjoying doing the thing that brought him peace until villains from complex backgrounds and conflicts he was unaware of knock on his humble abode. "Is this part of my fate?" - Cael