The world turned into a game after I woke up
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The world turned into a game after I woke up


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What is The world turned into a game after I woke up

The world turned into a game after I woke up is a popular web novel written by the author basso77, covering SYSTEM, GAME ELEMENTS, KOREAN, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 5.3M readers with an average rating of 3.63/5 and 724 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 302 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


On that fateful day, a voice in the sky told everyone on Earth that the world they called home has just been part of some sort of simulation. The next thing everyone knew, the world was rife with monsters and dungeons and resurrecting immortal devas! I spent eleven years in that world as a deva, crawling and clawing my way through the dirt trying to make a name for myself. I wanted another chance at this, I made so many mistakes, I could have done so much better. But after all that wishing for a new beginning ended in a very bad ending... I was finally given that chance. I just had to be tortured by some smartass... But I'm going to make the most out of this! I'll become the strongest deva out there! And this time, I'll have my revenge!


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This story is a massive disappointment, i'm not sure if i was spoiled by other translators who selected better stories or what, but i expected a lot more from a korean novel. In my experience they are usually better written then chinese ones and shorter, being shorter is usually what helps them because the author doesn't repeat the same plot points every arch to pad the word count. The story start is pretty weird, we are introduced to the main character and a villain whose action are baffling. The mc "luckily" manages to return to the past, he's now got a FULL YEAR before the game starts and he pisses it off. From what it's described he does nothing other then finding a very important location in the first few days, only to leave it and do nothing for the rest of the year. He doesn't try to maybe, i dunno, find and kill the guy who he hated so much before, try to connect with figures who are going to become deities or possibly very strong allies in the future. He could have reincarnated within a few days of the start of the game and the story would still be the same while leaving the readers with less doubts about the author and protagonist intelligence. Now we get to the juicy part, he gets to the location he scouted a year before and becomes the first to transition to the new deva mode. He gets a pretty sweet +200 stats bonus for every aspect of his character and proceeds to tell the reader that such a huge bonus, even higher then what he expected, would definitely propel him to the ranks of the top devas. It actually makes sense since reaching such stats would apparently take a year or two. That would have been a good point where the author should have stopped the *beep* plot armor and sent the mc into the wild, but nope. The protagonist has not enough of a leeway so we get another stupid scene where he "totally randomly" gets a whooping +1000 stats in each attribute. That results in the mc having now better stats then what he achieved in 7~11 years before the reset while still being a level 0. He's now ready for adventure, the revenge is probably forgotten for now but i'm pretty sure we'll meet the antagonist later in the story where he proceeds to trounce the mc anyway or gets blasted for sins he has not yet or may not ever commit. Anyway the protagonist finds a low level dungeon he goes in and is immediately confused, apparently in 12 years of surviving in the "hellish" world he never learnt how to fight or think since he fights like a toddler who just learnt he has arms. I should stress that the basic stats for a normal lvl 0 deva is 20 across the board, our mc has 1200 in each, by all rights he should be having trouble just moving without having spent some considerable time adapting to such absurd stats. He should be having fun and being mildly frustrated trying to take a few steps without accidentally breaking the sound barrier. The power level is so high he should atomize anything that he touches, especially low level mobs that have their name preceded by the word "weak". He kills them easily enough but apparently the stats are meaningless since he only manages to crack some skulls and he's considerably astounded by the fact. One last thing that really baffles me is the protagonist choice of future development, apparently being adaptable is stupid? He's got stats that could lead him down pretty interesting development paths but he's going to throw such an advantage away and just focus on being a melee class. Really? The argument for why he should go down that road it's pretty flimsy too. Anyway avoid like the plague unless your favorite decent korean author pissed you off. If that's the case, read this and you'll understand that the tiny mistake that upset you is not that big a deal when compared to this burning pile of trash.


Translation is pretty good, updates are ok, other than that there really is no good way to speak of this train wreck. The MC experiences rebirth and then proceeds to go about doing the most MORONIC things, like having his source of good stuff; the shop and shop-owner almost get terminated because he can't be bothered to actually try and find a dungeon, then proceeds to go about with stats for lvl600 fighting mobs that are HUNDREDS OF LEVELS WORTH OF STATS BELOW HIM and NOT one-shot every single one of them. Also can he not understand basic math??? +1% extra damage does not get priority over the -10% attack speed; hello author?!? Have you ever played RPG games? A difference of hundreds of stats can lead to either you or the enemy getting one-shotted; also what the hell is this MC even good for? Besides being a moron and frustrating the readers of course.


I'd **** on my hands and clap rather than reading another chapter of this novel Why? LETS START WITH THE MC after surviving 11 years,MC still behaves like a dumb child,interaction b/w the characters is awkward,MC keeps on saying and I quote"I can't believe this". WORLD BACKGROUND The background is okay-ish full of cliches seen in every generic korean novel.THIS NOVEL IS LIKE THE BASIC BITCH IN YOUR SCHOOL OR WHEREVER YOU WORK to put it simply. PLOT ARMOUR the plot armour is so blatant,author does not even try to hide it.I MEAN +5 stats for being the first one can be tolerated not fu&#ing +1000 and of course how can we forget about lady luck or as I like to call it lady "CUCK"."the MC IS THE LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD."So as to thicken the 'non-existent' *sarcasm* plot armour.


...How should I say this? It's a shameless self-satisfaction novel taken to the max, beyond the max, until the max exploded and made you irritated at how easy everything is instead. Obviously it doesn't make sense to give your MC a 1000+ stat point (more like 1200+) boost from the get go, but this author did. If you want a brainless read about a brainless MC who fights brainlessly with his OP stats while brainlessly collecting all the 'first' title boosts...here it is.


I’m sitting in my office asking myself how does this novel has so many 5 star reviews. It baffles me, I don’t think I’ve read the same novel as you guys. Beware: reading this novel may give you mental issues. This is pure wish fulfillment, but the author is too dumb to write a story. The mc constantly makes stupid choices, he actually lived 7 years as a fire mage deva (total of 11 years post world change) but he never even learned the basics on fighting, he acts like a child, everything surprises him and is new to him, he doesn’t know how to talk to people. He magically comes back to the past, 1 year before “apocalypse” but instead of making use of this time to do a myriad of smarter things (like, for example, finding anything about the guy who ****ed him up, and who he swore to kill in vengeance), he trains martial/military arts for one whole year (time-skip) but doesn’t learn how to fight (all he knows is to get hit, and then hit back harder, he doesn’t know how to evade, dodge, he barely blocks a few blows, it is disgusting to read). Author is even more repetitive than chinese authors, but as if that was not enough for him, he actually wrote a novel with game elements, and spams the Status for 1/3 of each chapter. The author has no idea what he is doing, his math and rpg sense are non-existant. Mc actually got 600 levels-worth of attributes (1200 points on each stat) while level 0 (purely from plot device, he didn’t do anything to deserve it), more than he ever had before coming back in time, but he can’t dodge 5 low leveled orcs (he dodges 1 or 2 and takes the blow from the others), hell, he can’t even 1 hit kill them (although their hits doesn’t even lower his hp). At 1200 agi, he should be so fast he would be a blur, at 1200 str he should destroy a f*ckin building with a punch, but no, he is still your regular mortal human agility and strenght-wise. Let’s not even mention how dumb the mc is with 1200 intelligence and wisdom. Mind you that regular lvl 0 devas have 10 points on each stat. Even with all this headstart he had on other devas and deities, I bet that there will be lot’s of regular non-elite devas that will still be able to condend with him, maybe even beat him. That’s without mentioning the elite devas and the deities. Ok, that’s enough, there are a lot more issues about this novel only from the first 20 chapters, but I’ve wasted enough time with this ranting.


Another authors wet dream novel. Braindead MC who feels good and complimenting himself for killing beginner mobs while having lv600 worth of Status Points. Read if you want to turn of your brain and read the dream of a beta author.


need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update need more update


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Went to premium way to early and charges min 11 stones per chapter. Ripped off tbh. People who posted this story don't care about the content only getting your stones.


●Thw MC was a low-tier fire mage in his previous life. He has 500+ levels worth of experience. Imagine all the hardships he endured. Also imagine the development of his character, especially in regards to his mentality, he should be a mature person by now. ●After being reborn, he becomes the first Deva and gets 200 stats points in every attributes (STR, AGI, INT, etc.) He also received a skill that gives him 1000 stats each. He must be very OP right now stat-wise. ●He goes to his first dungeon, we expect an ok fight since he is now OP. He 1 hits some (yeah only some) mobs. Gets hit by mobs even if he has+1000 agi, so he is not moving fast actually. He doesn't attack cleanly and swiftly, even though it was stated he was in the army. He boasts frequently that he is the best. Although he understands that people can still catch up to him (he said this), he still acts like a noob. So it's no wonder he is just a low tier fire mage in his previous life. ●I don't think we won't be seeing an MC thst is cool-headed, calm, or calculative. In a gamer's perspective. He is like a noob beta tester. But in this case he is the only beta tester, so even if he is noob he still gets the benefits.


Starts good, mc ends up being incredibly stupid. So stupid it hurts. It's just a waste of your time don't bother reading it. The first 20 or so may be good the rest is thrash.


wasting time with BS plot stories, BS character development, BS filler chapter, BS world mechanic, BS community, not only u spending overpriced SS but u absorb huge rage power... for peoples who loves to be WASTE, read this novel-


The main character is retarted.. he has a plot of armor while being a moron i can't really stand it so much is given and so mush is waste because the mc is a moron ****


The plot and premise are great, but the execution is horrible. The main character got lvl 600 stats at the beginning and couldn’t even one shot the low tier mobs. The author must be trying to pad the word count because stats are in the hundreds of thousands and fights with beginner mobs take 10 chapters. Even the most basic dungeon is portrayed as the overpowered hero barely winning. Honestly I feel myself getting a headache seeing such ridiculous numbers.


Not sure what is going on, but this novel is no meaning to it and is very boring... read 18 chapters and the MC is still level 1 and lame..................................................


@Millman would be so triggered by this novel's title hahahahaha Also, WTH is this thing? hahahahahaha... okay I'll be reading this from now on.


Well he put stats ti maje It feel like and RPG and then ignore the stats and whatever he said to try and fail to make the fight nice he need someone to do coherence checks Everton time he farts a stat That said its a good story and i like the way he told the story but hate every fight and thats gonna make me drop It, tought luck


The MC is entirely retarded and somehow seems to struggle against the very first enemies while having what is at least a 100 level advantage in the relevant physical start categories. He also seems to equip weapons that strictly decrease his DPS by around 9% while justifying that it increases damage by 1%. It seems as if someone just wanted to join the second chance hype train as well as the video game in real world hype train. The translator, on the other hand, seems to be doing good work, but I feel they deserve a better story to translate.


Author doesn't seem to know how stats work. This is a real life that turned people into players. So wouldn't strong stats mean you are strong? Well according to this novel its a no. If you actually enjoy gaming and like novels where the mc gets strong and is not dumb, don't read. if you know nothing about gaming and don't care if nothing makes sense than go ahead. Here is my example. lets say 10 is the peak average human speed. and my stats are at 1000. shouldn't i be a hundred times faster than most of the athletic people? Well according to this it means nothing.


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