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The World Cataclysm


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What is The World Cataclysm

The World Cataclysm is a popular web novel written by the author JustAWanderer, covering SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, MAGIC, ACTION, WEAKTOSTRONG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 77 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[The world have reached the end of the 1st Cataclysm: Survival] A heavenly voice in the minds of people led to the destruction of modern civilization. The monsters had appeared all over the world, leading people to the new era. The era where only the strong will survive! The era where weak people are trampled on! Dave had lived in such a world for five years, finally dying in a demonic horde. As he fell down from the skies, the same heavenly voice sounds in his mind. [User David Murckly is reaching the end of his life] [His innate ability Regression reacts to his coming death] Release Schedule: one chapter in two days. Vote through power stones and add it to your library to support my work. Note: 1) It is my first novel, so, please leave a comment to know where I'm lacking or if you have any suggestions. 2) The book cover is not mine, so if, author of the work, you see it and have any objections, please message me, and I will remove it. 3) So far, I'm going to release chapters by one chapter in two days for one or two months, then, I would release chapters more frequently. So, please cope with it for time-being!


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Okay so I liked this book surprisingly a lot so far. The grammar and spelling aren’t perfect, but it’s certainly not to the point of being unreadable. Most importantly, I really like the MC! He is a regressor, obv you read it in the summary, and this makes him reasonably strong but not tremendously overpowered. Wish it would update more often! Thank you author!


Shameless review from the Author! Well, the first thing I want to outline is that I want to describe a situation when mana was suddenly injected into the world and what would happen with civilization in that case. I can promise that I won't drop the story no matter what since I already love writing it. Perhaps, the writing quality will be slightly lacking in the initial stages, but I'll try to get better at it, so enjoy the story. Regarding the worldbuilding and story, I plan to take my time to shape the story, so the story itself is planned to be long.


At first i was afraid of reading due to the reviews saying the grammar is bad and i was extra sad seeing a grammar mistake on the first line of the book and yes there is mistakes but most are unnoticeable and it is not frustrating at all to read. Overall good book, world looks like it has thought put into it. I thought Brian/Fatty was going to be dead weight and annoying/comedic relief at first just due to common tropes but he is not, there was not reason to make him fat.


Review is upto chapter 75 . Story has largely been about MC babysitting random people ( except his life long friend and fatty) while also getting demeaned from them .... seems like masochism to me . if it is not enough , he claims to have no attachment to university but does everything to protect it . Cries why no evolved zombies while staying at university instead of exploring outside world .... given that he can sense zombies with mana and is strong enough . oh and he also gives away items while at the same time marvels how precious chests are.... If he can't use something he can trade it later instead of giving a elemental contract to random girl who she saved and she is also ungrateful while questions his decision oh and our brilliant MC would have searched university if he had not found her .... oh he claims to not care about life of others but protects most girls he see and barely kills anyone while singing how pragmatic he is for not killing those who assaulted him . Characters in this novel have lower IQ than most middle schoolers so I guess compared to them MC might have slight higher brain. TLDR: it is free but not worth coin or fast pass. Character design is fundamentally flawed . MC says something while does something what a white knight would do. Someone like him is prime candidate to get killed


Ok, so before i say anything, the novel is not bad (at least the first 14 chaps). However the grammar needs a lot of improvement, I could barely get myself to get to chap 14 as I just could not get myself past the grammar. I would say read this book IF you don't really care if the grammar is good.


I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. I don't recommend this book. It's an example of every trope and clichè every. I assume the author is foreign because the quality of the writing is terrible. Some sentences make about as much sence as eating roadkill.


Fairly standard rebirth apocalypse story. MC doesn’t make to many dumb decisions and the world is entertaining. The only glaring problem is the annoying character. Sometimes you just wish the MC just slap them around until they listen.


Decently realistic, doesn’t feel like a broken OP system yet. Entertaining with a good start so far. Not a lot of chapters yet, but will keep reading. Some grammar / spelling issues, or name mistakes, but nothing too distracting really.


Reveal spoiler


At first, it is undoubtedly the best apocalyptic novel I have ever read. Will there be any romance or harem? .............................................


Cataclism: dark days ahead Only


Nice apocalyptic novel. I would like to know if the MC will later evolver or awaken some skill beyond regression ........................................


nice book really hope you continue updating . grammar is OK for a book not charging and the characters are true to the build up with no sudden change in behaviour


very good story I really like how you put work into the chapters you do thank you for everything and please don't stop your story like the others


Fairly standard rebirth in zombie apocalypse: Grammar not great but its easily readable. I like the progress of the characters. So far MC has a head start on the others but he's not too OP.


The story is good so far. The world itself is realistic and story intruguing. There are no stupid characters yet. However, there are some minor mistakes, but they are not distracting.


As of now it seems like a really nice story, I’ve read almost all the chapters and it has grest potential but it is too early to really know if it is a good story or will pan out into something worse. Anyway I’m gonna just keep reading it.


what can I really say? it's another zombie apocalypse book, this time with a lot less harem than usual(as of chapter 11). turns out, the story flows much more smoothly without taking every other paragraph to describe some ethereal beauty or another. keep it up Author, I like it.


i really don't like to write a proper "review". it's just not my thing but what i like to do is to simply state how much i like this novel. (i know, i'm a fvcking genius^^) it's an amazing novel if you ask me. i would just hope for "more" updates but hey, it is what it is^^



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