The Werewolf CEO's Pet Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Werewolf CEO's Pet


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[MATURE CONTENT] Devyn Lowell, the youngest daughter of the Lowell Clan. A dominant werewolf omega, who changes sex partners every month in order to maintain her form. She never entered serious relationships. For her, alpha men were just toys. Kiel Arnoux, a recessive werewolf alpha. Living his life as the President’s shadow. Devyn’s personal assistant, who distanced himself and forgot the memories they made as childhood friends. *** “I can’t take her strong pheromones!!” The man who was supposed to be Devyn’s partner for the month stormed out of the room. The female omega sat down and lit a cigarette. A devilish smirk stretched across her cheeks. “What a useless alpha,” Kiel turned to her and bowed. “I apologize. Do you want me to arrange another—” He stopped when Devyn pulled his collar. She blew a smoke and ordered. "Kneel" Kiel wasn't stunned at all. He bent down and kneeled. Devyn grabbed the man by the hair and then she placed one foot on Kiel's chest. "You are so obedient. Do you know that it was a privilege to be stepped on by me?" she smirked. The man nodded. "Thank you for stepping on me, President." *** A hot and steamy connection between a CEO and her assistant. Is LUST the only thing that binds them? What will happen if both of them fall deeper into the dangerous pit of LOVE? Heyoo! It's me your author Yohan!! Another novel to support! My entry for the spirity 2022!!! Please read with care and don't forget to support!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Discord: @yohan#6080 ADD IT TO YOUR COLLECTIONS NOW!!!!