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I loved this Love story. The couple is Just trying to find a way to find Love and happiness. They are Very strong about their decision to live their own cute romance...🥰🥰🥰🥰


Hi there. I would like to promote this novel to you guys because the plot of this novel really touches your heart... Especially the sad and heart broken parts... Of course, this book have plenty of grammar error.. So, if you guys have OCD towards grammar then I will not recommend this novel to you... For me, I really enjoyed reading this novel so far although there are some grammar mistakes here and there... But overall, the author did a great job...


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Fl love her husband but he never saw her for who she is a gental loving wife. Ml ends in a coma and hears everything his wife doing for him. Its until then he realizes he messed up on not knowing his wife


I'm sorry for writing a review without even reading the thing, but the most important part is to first make a decent description. Please make it shorter and compact.


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I liked the story in the beginning and the concept of too. But the story has too many lapses. Plus the author needs an editor for grammatical errors. Not bad but needs improvement


I love the idea of the story (the unloved wife of the ML). But if the story was polished it would flow and sound so much better. There are grammar issues which effect the feel of the story. As well as the pace of the writing. I hate to leave a review like this. With a few changes and a good editor, the writing quality would improve the story and background development.


I only read to chapter 4 but couldn't continue. English translation is of lower quality so it interfered in the reading experience for me. Also, don't know if it was because of the translation, but the story was kind of rambling. I started reading because of the plot description but the writing just didn't suit me.


Cliche transmigration novel, but there are many who still enjoy the same plot over and over again, so why not? BUT, the grammar is bothersome. I don’t want to be a grammar nazi here, but please do try and go over your chapters to correct whatever you can. It will help make reading much more smooth.


I enjoyed reading it. I’m not sure about the updates because I read it all in a night. The only problem I have is I think the male lead should apologize better for all the crap he put her through before the marriage. I would also think the female should be more cautious and disbelieving of his sudden change. Other then that there are no other problems I can think of.


the idea of this novel is good, but im sorry that i will stop reading this for now. its too confusing. in some chapters, the stories are not match from one to another. to many word to describe a character/situation over and over again for the same issue that scattered in many chapters. but if you want to read it for fun and wont give much tough for the consistency of the story, then this is good for you.


Stopt reading after 10 chapters. it is too confusing due to the poor gammer. And there are too many contradictions regarding the characters. It’s a shame because it looked so promising.


Well I don't know what i will write for review.😑 I just liked the story so far. I still reading until chapter 26 when I write this review. I like when he still in coma, but when he wake up and back home, i somewhat cringy with they lovey dovey interaction. It too fast maybe?🤔 I don't know. Because i'm not romantic person. I'm sometimes feel cringy when look or read lovey dovey interaction between couple. Well but i still read it though.


I like the description anyway.. Probably cause when an editor have the urge to write a book but have no idea fully.. It ends up like that so I get you. What I don't get is that some sentences don't blend with the rest of the paragraph. Please when you have the chance correct that. Other than that the story is interesting and interesting so far.


I love your book why did she faint.? does she actually have a illness.? please update soon.!...................................................................


I'm sorry for writing a review without even reading the thing, but the most important part is to first make a decent description. Please for the love of god fix the grammar in the description or no one will give it a try.


I'm really sorry to give you this honest review, but the MC character is too weak and soft to my liking, the male lead isn't that good either, at the beginning the story said that even though the unloved wife is really good and kind, the ML still doesn't love her, but in the middle of story we know it doesn't true? the MC suddenly love this ML without any reason even though when the ML character in the novel is a cruel cheater, too many inconsistencies in this story that supposed to be mistery but rather than make me more curious, it makes me feel there's too many plot hole, i could see that the author have talent to be a writer but maybe this is not my cup of tea, i think I'll drop this one, Thank you for creating this novel, i hope i could read your better creation in the future ❤️


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