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This is for through chapter 15. Maybe it gets better later but with the writing and holes I could not read more. This is too bad since the plot sounded interesting. (I had to read a review to figure out what the story was about since the summary didn’t explain much of anything.) The writing was difficult to follow in parts. There are many problems with grammar which does improves a slightly as it goes on. Often times a sentence will just rephrase what the sentence prior to it said. Often the story contradicts itself. Examples ~ mc is sick and unable to wake for 3 days but the maid confused how mc forgot her husband is in a coma for ALMOST three days. ~ in ML’s POV mc has been taking care of him for quite some time already and later she apologizes for being gone because she was sick ~ it’s said repeatedly mc doesn’t like to be a leader and the original Elena wanted a normal life. However, she manages and owns many successful restaurants and businesses. She is even the secretive CEO of the top entertainment industry called Frost Entertainment, that she started herself. ~ before coma, ML never looked at MC, avoided her, and even turns around the moment their paths cross. He calls her ugly then turns around and claims she is beautiful and lamenting over never seeing her beautiful smile & ect again even though they had basically no interaction before he is in a coma. Thing I just didn’t like ML instantly recognizes how he wronged MC and loves her completely. It went from “She is ugly and only after my money to “she is gorgeous, gentle, and kind” in just paragraphs apart. Also he suddenly sees all the shortcomings and “evilness” of the lady her was madly and irrational in love with that he was going to leave MC for.


The Tyrant Gentle Husband


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