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The Tale of the Void Emperor


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What is The Tale of the Void Emperor

The Tale of the Void Emperor is a popular web novel written by the author LivingVoid, covering HAREM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, , MULTIWORLD, HIGHFANTASY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 3M readers with an average rating of 4.67/5 and 128 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 361 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[~Synopsis~] This is not your usual isekai novel. it has my unique world background, unique power system and i am trying it make it a unique experience for every reader. :) I would really, really and seriously appreciate if everyone reads all free chapters before deciding to drop your coins and FPs in this one. Thank you. Athan, a 16-year-old boy, lived until he was killed for a stupid reason. ( stupid reason & more in the prologue:v ) But it seems that fate had stored different things for him as after death as he transmigrated in the magical world inside a dead body of a boy with the same name and same facial features as him. He also found out that a mysterious black whirlpool seemed to be inside him. Was someone responsible for his transmigration? if so then who? and why? or was it pure coincidence that he got a new chance at life? As you read more, it will get better so don't give up after just the first few chapters, At least please read the 2nd volume as The Real adventure starts in Volume 2[ Bloody Universe.] That's why my 103 chapters are free. [note: The First R-18 Chapter is 41. ] ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first novel so expect some mistakes but i am striving to improve constantly because writing the story i play in my mind is so much fun and it's even more fun when people read it and enjoy it. I've started using Grammarly premium from chap 90 and onward but I've still yet to edit early chaps...Though I'm defefinitly planning to edit them later and when I get free time. I hope you like this book. Thank you for reading. PS:- I don't own the images on my LN's Cover. If the original owner sees this message, You can contact me. Discord: https://discord.gg/mCYTeRBuYx


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Please read. Thank you. 1st. I sincerely hope that everyone read all free chapters before deciding what to do with the novel. Burn it, Throw it or Shower it with coins/FPs. I have no prior writing experience and my main language is not English. BUT, Nothing will be incomprehensible and you will be able to understand everything from chapter 1 since I am not a total noob in English :) And I have improved gradually since the start of my writing journey thanks to reading many people's comments, advice, and critiques. I've also started to use Grammarly premium from chapter 90 and onward so it boosted my writing quality and I'm planning to edit early chapters as I get time. Writing changes to better: From chapter 1 to 50 ( No Grammarly, understandable writing but *cough* some gram mistakes. ) From chapter 51 to 90 ( No Grammarly, but better writing, a bigger world, more details. ) From chapter 91 to 150 ( Premium Grammarly(S), improved writing. ) From chapter 150 to chapter 180 ( Premium Grammarly(s), Finer details, improved pace writing. ) From chapter 180 to ??? ( Personal Premium Grammarly, Betterdetailed and finer quality writing. ) ( I was not using personal premium Grammarly until recently since I couldn't afford it and was sharing it from....*cough* can't tell. Anyway, I will be constantly improving to deliver this exciting, thrilling and most awes*cough* book, The tale of the void emperor to everyone πŸ‘ ) Now onto the story. * This novel is a multi-world and ascending world with a unique structure and 100% unique cultivation progression. My brain fried, boiled, and evolved to make the cultivation stages ( Planes of existence ). They become more and more unique as MC progresses. You can read the first AUX chapter to take a look at the stages ( Planes ) I revealed so far. ( I reveal them as MC progresses. So there are more to come. ) It's a bit complex and you might not understand the real gist of it without reading the book so there's no harm in taking a look at the AUX chapter. *The MC...Well, He arrived in a different world due to someone's interference with a strange thing inside him which boosted his growth speed and some advantages that are relevant as long as he*cough*.. but it remains to be seen if this strange thing is a boon to him or Gateway to a worse fate. He doesn't have any supreme talent or some supreme physique or anything of the sort. He doesn't have a system ( this is not a system novel ). Though don't forget the title of the novel xD The tale of the void emperor who is the most unique existence in the *cough*... His will is tough and very high endurance due to what he suffered in his early life and stage. The main thing that pushed him forward was revenge at an early stage. His character will gradually take a solid shape as he goes through many up and down situations. *There are companions of MC ( Two harem members for now ) Though harem is not big, minimum 3 and maximum 4. *I hope everyone accompanies me in this exciting, thrilling, and mysterious journey knowns as The tale of the Void Emperor. Happy reading.


Shameless review of author, please don't hate me for that. Please leave a review if you like my novel and you can point out my flaws if you find. Thank you.


This book starts off a little slow, but things get fast real quick. Though it gets fast it is still understandable by the reader and it doesn't get boring and instead gets more exciting. Try it and you will enjoy it.


Reveal spoiler


Loving the ideas and how you are piecing the story together. You allow the readers to create their own image of the characters and then mention it. It's really cool. Word of advice though don't rush the story, some parts don't seem like they click easily so it gets a bit confusing. The ideas and perspectives your creating are good so keep the flow and you'll be surprised with the outcome


I'll preface this review by saying, "The story has potential." And my opinions are subjective. It's the author's first work and, it shows. I read all the free chapters available. Definitely recommend reading them all before deciding if it's for you. Personally, I urge you to give it a try. It may be to your taste. I wouldn't know. Writing Quality: The writing quality went up during the last chapters. But there are still glaring problems. The prose doesn't flow smoothly. There are syntax errors, and sometimes the words are used inaccurately. (Not their first language, acceptable. Like me ;-) ) The author sometimes misspells character names, even the MC. There are minimal descriptions, lending no credence to the setting. The ones that are there, vague and opaque. They don't give you a sense of space. The story and its pace feel choppy at times. Things are happening. Constantly. The story is in motion, which is good. But it gets stale very soon. It's monotonous. Athan did this. Athan gained this. Athan comprehended this. Athan went here and did this. It felt like the author was in a hurry to get the story moving and get to what he actually wants to write. Most of this can be fixed in editing. Stability of Updates: I read after the chapters were locked, so I don't know what the update is like. So, I'll give it 5 stars, assuming it's stable. Story Development: The author seems to be aiming at something. I assume he has things planned out for future developments. Wonderful. But. There wasn't much conflict or an obstacle for the MC. The first real complication that remotely mattered was maybe Tiana being trapped (and conveniently beneficial to her in the long run). It was a complication introduced solely to establish a plot point, gee-whiz, for later developments. The first volume was a speed run for the MC. Like running through the tutorial of a game, not the actual game. The story has potential, and developments are looming over the horizon, but getting there might be a chore. I couldn't clearly pinpoint a story promise(except the usual, OP, harem, basically, tags). It does have a story goal for the MC. But I don't think it can carry the weight of the novel. This likely will naturally come out later in a more developed fashion. Character Design: None of the characters are fleshed out. They don't have a unique voice. I believe they will find it during the story's run. It's in its infancy, after all. Up till chapter 102, Avelia seems deeper than the MC. We don't get to spend enough time together with the characters to get to know them. The story is a linear progression from one point to another. Most of the time we spend with Athan(the MC) is him gaining power or in the process of doing so. The dialogues are straightforward, with most of them sounding the same. World Background: It's clear that the author has thought about the magic system and the world. He has developed a wonderful world, but none of it shows as there is no vivid description of the places they visit. It would be better if he showed off some of it in worldbuilding descriptions rather than frequently info-dumping on the magic system. He has thought a lot about his magic system, which may be a negative here. There is too much in-between it takes so long to build anything up. Leaving us with the monotonous Athan did this and that scenes/chapters. This is exacerbated by the lack of meaningful conflict. Leaving much to be desired by way of dynamicity to the story. I'll state what I couldn't articulate or think I didn't convey clearly here. Writing - It will get better as the author does it more, so it is a minor problem for a new writer. Still, an editor would be a good choice if the author can't spare time for it. Characters - We should get more time together with the characters. Learn about their inner self, their wants, fears, and ambitions. Especially for the MC, he needs to be thinking more, informing the readers about himself more(no melodrama monologues). The character of Tiana, for now, is no more than a showpiece. It doesn't affect the story in any way if she was completely removed from it. She didn't add any value by being with the MC. She didn't change him, nor did she create complications or conflicts for him. Her initial problem got resolved off-hand, which was a wasted opportunity to develop her character. Her coupling with the MC was also a bit forced. She felt like a starter pokemon equivalent of a harem in the MC's quest to catch 'em all. Then there is the situation of her being trapped. It was not the least bit impactful. The whole situation being a boon for her also didn't help. It introduced the MC's gee-whiz item, but so what? We would've found out about it when he climbs 2 realms anyway. It served no purpose. Other than giving the useless character just what she needs to be relevant for the rest of the story(No hate for Tiana). And an impetus for Athan to hurry up through the realms, which he would blaze through either way. Also, some descriptions and concrete details would be an immense boost for the story. There was no imagery in my mind's theater the whole time I read the story. I could not for the life of me imagine a scene where the story was taking place except for a vague idea of what it might be like. Lastly, I think the story is stretching thin, not by the author's intention but due to the nature of the story elements themselves. The detailed magic system and the impressive line-up of intents and elements give a sense of vastness to the world. But it may pose the risk of creating a plot hole or inconsistency in the later stages of the story. The author can play in a wide area but, it will limit the depths he can explore. Creating hidden problems that will come back to bite at the most unexpected of turns. My suggestion would be to limit the scope and focus on digging deep with the pieces at hand, making the story richer in substance than cool in variety. Compressing the plot by mixing them and running them in parallel or sub-plots might help. I don't know if I made sense. If I came off as pessimistic(I definitely did, didn't I?), that wasn't the intention. All the power to the author. Keep up the good hard work. You have a lot of potential with this story.


loving this book so far just started to read it and have already read all 25 chapters the world building hasn't really started yet but everything else seems to be doing well just hope he helps out the core elder that he is with that one is one of my favourite characters and plz don't make the mc slow down cause of some girl let him be more determined on his cultivation path maybe have some fings have some friends but don't let them slow him down really thought mike was gonna stay for look but it doesn't look that way anymore the mc is too powerful


I enjoyed reading this novel as it was different from the cliche cultivation troupes.There are some minor thing that I didn't like, but it gets cover up with Athans op moves. Anyway author keep writing this unique novel and add the op tag to your novel. Peace.


Amazing work!




Great Book Need more chapters. please give me more chapters... BTW asking for a friend, when will the r-18 chapters comeπŸ˜‰. Thanks you, Slice of Life.


Wanna start reading it Since so many good comment right below . .. and I give it full rating already .. wozzz wizz wezzz wazzz wuzzzz Wozzz wizzz wexzzz wazzz wuzzzz


Smooth story flow and interesting characters. The power assessment is unique from other novels and the cultivation is clearly explained. The more chapter you read the more engaging it becomes.


Where do I start? Good story good Idea but poor execution. I feel like there was soooo much more you could have done in the first volume and introduction of the first female lead was waaay to early (but it doesn't matter you have your creators freedom). I feel it slowed down the story a lot and made the ML Less goal oriented than he should be. Now it feels the MC doesn't have a mind of his own and goes with the flow because his character build is poor. It's like 100 chapters in and not knowing what the MC is for and against except his girlfriend sorry wife. My advice is don't rush and add depth to each detail introduced to the story. The lack of depth is causing a shallow pull on the reader it's not just about 'wait more and interestingthings will happen'. The language has improved from how it was in the beginning so keep it up. My other problems with the existence of the female lead is that how they met was poorly developed and I cringed at some parts and because you are new to writing, in depth characterisation is already bad for the main character now you have two and your not handling it properly. I honestly feel you should drop her and say she was picked up by an elder for training or something like that and separate them for years so you can properly develop the MC and her rise in power can be accepted by the readers without you having to slow the mc's progress just so she can keep up. Uour creation of that female lead was self sabotage because as of present the story would be 100x better without her because the mc would well develop within having to worry about some other person.. But it's an okay read. You are really trying and I wish you best of luck.


la historia va muy buena hasta el momento (40 caps), aunque no se describe mucho la apariencia del MC, no se sabrΓ­a que es guapo si no lo menciona Tiana(seria bueno una descripciΓ³n detallada de su apariencia y si el refinamiento trae cambios?), hasta ahora la actitud de MC(segun mi opinion) es bastante buena ya que no parece ser cobarde y en general hasta ahora actua de forma inteligencia(talvez le falta un poco mas de astucia o analisis, pero no importa), tambien en es bueno el ritmo rapido de aumento de poder aunque espero que solo sea para pasar mas rapido mundos y asi porque aunque la velocidad es buena aun se considera muy rapido, falta ver como seria R18 en el futuro y fundamento para el haren,pero todo va bien me gusta mucho novela sigue asi


Do check this novel out! It's a Cultivation based novel but not on Eastern Terms!! *Gasp* Yes, you can have the fantasy naming vibe with a cultivation novel. And hopefully the future *ahem ahem* contents can make all of us blush *giggle*


this book is so good. If you haven't read it yet then you are probably missing.


Interesting Cultivation System and great affinity testing method I never read such a great wat of testing affinity GO GO FISHES kois are so cute


This is an amazing novel that I found after hours of search (no joke). The grammer is 100% readable and smooth - sure there are areas that can be impoved, but for those who can speak and read english fluently, this is 100x better than 90% of the bad-grammer novels on this site. In terms of characher design, there is an OP aspect to the novel, but if you consider that the MC is currently in the lowest possible world and have a little suspension of disbeleif, then you won't have any problem. Of course, if you dislike OP MC and like more progression from weak-to-strong, then you probably won't like this. I personally like when the MC gets powerful quickly in these original novels because I know that very few of these novels ever make it past 50 chapters (i'm sure this one will), let alone the hundreds of chapters that would be required for a gradual growth. The world building is so-so. We are given names and a few descriptions, but even uptill the latest chapter, very little is described about the world he is in, let alone the higher worlds. We literally only know about his sect, and some surrounding towns and forests. Even then, these locations are extremly vague, leaving everything to your imagination and there is very little description. I think this is something the author can work to improve, but it's not a huge deal considering those locations have little impact on the story considering how fast it is moving. Overall, I reccomend if you are looking for OP, quick growing MC. Read tags carefully. P.s. I love that there aren't cliche's about young masters and their fathers and grandfathers and many of the other mind-numbing cliche's in other cultivation novels. Props to that Mr. Author, and keep it up!


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