159 The Nature Dome

Hearing an unclear answer from his father, the fat man muttered in protest at the back. But he turned around to smile, like those sneaky traders, and replied, "Thank you, father, then please excuse me.. "


After hearing his father answer, he lowered his head and left the room, accompanied by the maid.


Arriving in the room, the fat boy then threw the bottle on the mattress; his expression darkened in the mirror, and he then sat down at the table in front of the mirror.

"The hell with en! You want me to be your guinea pig? Screw you! "He hit the table and roared angrily. The table was slightly cracked, and a small hole was formed as a result of his punch.

On the other hand, when the maid saw this, she was no longer afraid but was now astonished. She was confused why her young master didn't just complain in front of his father earlier? Instead, he talked about his father and cursed him from behind?


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