The Most Satisfied ReincarnateThe Most Satisfied Reincarnate

The Most Satisfied Reincarnate

by DragonKnov

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A Highschool young man was reading a novel while waiting for a bus to arrive. When he wants to click the next chapter, his phone got robbed. He looks around and suddenly found himself dead. "What?" The young man was confused and looked down to see a hole in his chest. He looked back only to see the thief's hand pulled out the gun. "Ah, shit... I was careless."His body fell, and he started losing his vision. Then dark surrounded him from everywhere, and his consciousness was slowly fading out. Follow him along his journey, discovering a new world filled with a magical thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Extra Tags: Western Fantasy, Male Mc, Slow-Paced Schedule: 3 chapter/week. Chapter Lenght: 1000 - 1200 words. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *I don't own the cover. Credit to HQ-Kamissar to have such amazing art.

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