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THE MISSING ORB OF LIFE is a popular web novel written by the author Pattyegah Ikwue, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 33.5K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 124 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 93 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“For My people are foolish, they have not known Me. They are silly children, and they have no understanding. They are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. We are actually living in a world that is likened to a society with the vital ingredient that keeps the essence of life missing and the truth is that, we can’t even place really what that is, I mean we do not even know what is missing, notwithstanding, we could still feel it like we are feel the impression of air. In hollow and in emptiness, in the heart of our hearts, we just know that something is missing. Personally, I have felt this hollow and emptiness that burdened my heart so much while I was growing as a child. In my family, right from the cradle, I have always desire to know why things happens the way there often happens. What I am trying to explain span from our relationship with each other into our worship to God that has now being limited to self-imposed rituals. Hence we worship but not the true God, but the one who wants to be like the Most High as our mindsets are now dragging us into His very thought. Our worship has become so empty and adulterated with strange intrusions that we could hardly tell if truly what we are worshipping is God.

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Good job Author, read the synopsis and i wanna read the book. i love how its beautifully written. Wanna read more of it. Wasnt expecting this, you blew my mind!


Well I am surprised by this story! It feels more like a religious book than an actual story, but its very in depth and engaging for the reader! Just from the first chapter, I must know more.


I personally feel overwhelmed with such a great piece author and I love how your the plot flows. This is my first ever novel I read which exhibits the great thoughts and will of God. Thanks author


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The story is very depicted in truth and very spiritual. The protagonist has a strong sense of existence, in the first few chapters, the protagonist shows his belief and his mindset... Although it will be good if there is some conversation... The details are also good and this story is a slow pace so you need to have patience in reading it... If you like spiritual and realistic at the same time, this one is highly recommended.


wow!!!!.....its really overwhelming😃😃....it brings about a sense of spirituality and truth, the book is so captivating, I definitely recommend this. kudos to the author🙌🏽🙌🏽🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


I really dig the spiritual essence of this story. With the kind of art that comes out these days, this is rather refreshing to say the least. Engaging too.


wow author! you blew up my mind! as a christian myself, I am deeply moved and I can relate to your character very much. your story is amazing! keep up the good work!


big take-away from this book as I see it is that the Gospel message of salvation in Christ is not some ethereal idea which cannot be grasped and therefore should not examined or challenged. By this I mean we are not free to reinterpret what the Gospel message is and is not outside of Scripture, and we are free to correct/challenge those who do seek to change the Gospel message. I believe it is a central responsibility of the leaders of the Church to ensure that those with whom they have been entrusted by God, understand the Gospel and are competent to proclaim it. This necessarily includes ensuring that they have a proper understanding of God and His holiness, the problem of man – that he is separated from God because he is a sinner, the answer to man’s problem in Jesus Christ who bore the wrath of God in our place on the Cross, and the fact that this truth requires a response. Furthermore, there are only two responses; acceptance or rejection there is no middle ground in this arena. What’s more it is the responsibility of the leadership that the people not only be able to articulate this truth but to be able support it from Scripture, to include opening the Bible and showing the passages to the one being evangelized instead of merely memorizing everything and then expecting them to take your word for it. I recommend it for readers


It's like you are reading a religious book but not... This book will give you advice to life lol! Anyway nice book. All chapters are great. YOU WON'T REGRET BUYING IT. SO JUST READ THIS NOVEL!!!


I'm going to give 5 stars as other than the life orb the description seems to be describing the truth of current situation on religion regardless of which one you choose to have it point to.


An amazing book I never knew it would be as interesting and life touching as this... I'm definitely recommending this book....................


This book is really enchanting. I'm not Christian but I went to a Christian school so I have learnt many things about Christianity and also cheered it and this book gives out a whole different level of perspective. It gives out divine vibes. I really liked your work author it's mesmerising.


A story calling us to reflect on the word and our own actions. The Missing Orb of Life is very theme driven, so it can scare people, but I'm begging you to let it a chance to go into your heart...Maybe you'll find yourself changed in more way than once...


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Wow! I just read the first chapter. All i can say is I am not a fan of fantasy books but this one is different. You’re such an awesome writer!


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Woww!! Am amazed. A very nice book with a lot of deep thoughts poured in. Keep on your great work author.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Truly, truly I have never read a book of such.. The Missing Orb of Life is an answer to our unanswered questions... The author has done a great job for this generation that lack knowledge.. Know is brought forth straight from eternity to time. Reading through the synopsis of this book drags me deep into deep stream and I could feel the vibration of divinity in my heart. I am elated with the breathe of God. This book is very captivating, for it has painted the love of God so simple. May the Lord bless this author for allowing God use him to bring to our generation the knowledge that is missing. This is the truth, anyone who finds it and know it, shall be set free. This is a masterpiece! God bless the author.


As far as I have read it is really a good book with correct grammar which makes it nice to read the story. It's a lot of information, but in this case it's not disturbing but fun. You won't get bored reading this and its easy to understand, great job author!


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