The Mates of Dragons Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Mates of Dragons


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Xerxes is the last of his kind, living to try and complete a promise. The last one before he can just fade off like the rest of his kind. There is nothing left here, no mate is coming. Xerxes is the last living dragon. So why when he comes across one headstrong female. It feels like there is a chance? Kendra herself feels used, lost and trapped. A prisoner of those she works with. Those that hunt down mythical creatures in the world. Kendra however is about to find out that the world is far more vast than anyone could imagine. Especially when she comes face to face with the last living dragon. A deadly creature that has set his sights on her. book1: Mates of Dragons book2: Souls of Dragons book3: Atlantean's Mate book4: Atlatean's Dragon