The Last Heiress of Oblonsky, Beatrix
novel - Historical Romance

The Last Heiress of Oblonsky, Beatrix


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What is The Last Heiress of Oblonsky, Beatrix

The Last Heiress of Oblonsky, Beatrix is a popular web novel written by the author L_stellaluna, covering Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 42.8K readers with an average rating of 4.9/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 60 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The sound of guns... The darkness... The smoke... Then, oblivion. Everyday, I am haunted by my nightmares. Everytime the thunder roll and lightning strikes, I shivered. Looking outside my window, I am writing my daily journal and poetry today... To release all the pains and tensions from my past. And I wrote.. December 18, 1980 Myshkin, Russia My beloved, Have you ever ask yourself... What's your life purpose? If.. Are you doing the right thing? Are you on the verge of confusion, loneliness, unhappiness and being stagnant? Day dreaming into your own world? Too much questions filled in your heart and mind. Too much of everything that you don't want. Too much! To clear out my confusion and to have more clarity about myself, I dig deeper inside me. Reminiscing my childhood moments and cherish them. Facing the darkest and painful moments of my memories. Those memories of repeating horror, memories of loss, memories of death. Yes, I did face it all. I cried hard. After decades of those patterned memories... This is the first time that I realized.. How I treated myself so badly. And I really wanted to give back to myself. By appreciating my past. Appreciate yourself more... Love yourself more... And you will discover more... I have discovered each words, all feelings, expression, harmony just fits well to take steps in writing this poem for my past. ***A LETTER FOR MY PAST SELF*** My dearest self in the past... I have been visiting you lately in a vast... You are carefree, immature and FEARLESS, You go out more, loving the sun and grasses, Full of sweat and sun-kissed from above. Joyous days, feet touching stones and green Oh How glorious those days have been Flowing like water in every storms within And wind touches, caressing my skin Telling me, It's ok dear, everything has it's purpose". A path full of journey and a dead rose All those rise and fall, I am with you... All those tears and laughter, I am with you.. I am always with you til the end of time

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Reading this novel is quite fun and interesting. It's fun to read where the story of Beatrix goes and at the same time you'll learn new words to add in your vocabulary 😂😂😂 It's interesting coz you'll experience to travel in time and to a new place you're never been to. Kudos to the author for this wonderful novel. Can't wait for the new chapters to unfold.


Wow, I've not read much yet but I already know that this is a masterpiece. They synopsis is so poetic and everything, author receive my respect. It's a very nice work, keep it up.


Creative writing skills, the story line and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Good use of words that complement the whole subject as the story develops throughout the chapters.


The story immediately takes you in and you are wrapped into the world of female protagonist , feeling for her like she is your family. The writer had done a great job of transporting the readers into her world... Great job


a good read. the story setting is nice. i know that this story will be successful. i can't wait for more chapters to come. kudos to author. highly recommended.


This author is good, as I can feel the passion from the catharsis.... The inspiration is irresistible and I am drawn in to want to read more... This is indeed a commendable masterpiece... I love every bit of the flow, as the synopsis has the capacity of an irresistible glue that glue one's interest to just keep reading.. Wow! This author is simply amazing. Great job. I recommend this great piece as a good read.


Beautifully written👏✍ I love how you incorporated poetry into this book. Makes it unique and different from the normal reads. It's very intriguing and enjoyable. Keep it up!! 🤗❤


i love it! this is a new genre for me of a book and i would love to see more of this. keep up the good work author and can't wait for more of thism


An intriguing, captivating read that provokes the mind and stimulates the imagination.You'll find yourself unable to stop reading.Well done!!


This is a nice Novel. The sypnosis makes you think about what's the story about. All iI have to say is GOOD WORK author. This novel is super dope. Will recommend to my friends who loves FOS. Good work dear.


I like how you wrote the poetry. The synopsis is catchy and wants to make you read the story right away. Beatrix caught my attention tbh. I would recommend the readers to read this book once. Good luck to the author.


its ended a masterpiece such a great novel. above all that i read this one is different. creative thinking and story flows very well. and i love how poetry inserted in the story keep it up author


The book is very nicely written.It reminds me of a typical disney movie,kinda reminds me of the old days.The characters are richly and fully endowed with emotions that it makes it seem like I'm watching a movie than reading an actual book,you don't see that every day.Great job.I'll most definitely give this book a ten outta ten.There's nothing to not like.Would highly recommend...it's a must read.Dont be surprised if it's gonna be a movie in the near future.


The way author have written this story... It's just amazing. One can feel the emotions, the way the protagonist is struggling with herself Writing style is also very good ,appropriate and matching with the theme and doesn't look weird in anyway. All the best to the author and good luck!


I love books that make you feel like you are living in it. The deep meaning behind each word is so beautiful. The lines where you can relate the most shows how good of an author you are. can't wait to read more of this book.


Wow, amazing first of all. This is an amazing story. I for one love that it is a historical drama and i love the way you write, it is an amazing. Looking forward to see more of your works.


I totally loved the synopsis. Your writing style is simply brilliant and I am already in love with the story. I have added it to my library. I am interested to see where this story goes. Kudos to the author!!!


Wow, amazing storyline, the strong female protagonists are what will amaze you. Wonderful story characters and submissions. Definitely recommended. well done. keep it up.


Writing a delight, full of musical words, real settings and illustrious characters. "what is significant is what matters: appreciation, affection The novelty is you! A book to recommend reading ...


The poem about the past is perfectly written...The synopsis is interesting...I loved how the author portrayed the female lead and takes you on a journey of her life...I highly recommend this book to read by everyone...Excellent work, Author!


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