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The Immortal Kobold


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What is The Immortal Kobold

The Immortal Kobold is a popular web novel written by the author Darth_Xiane, covering NONHUMANPROTAGONIST, R18, HIGHFANTASY, KOBOLDS, HAREM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 3.98/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 143 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Xing Lei had achieved the apex, surrounded by friends and family he stood at the final gate before achieving true immortality, surviving this last tribulation would mean the completion of his lifes struggle. But we all know the heavens are blind and spiteful. Before Xing Lei can achieve godhood he is struck down Reborn in a land as foreign to him as possible, he must crawl back to the final stage, but not as a man. So begins the task of the Immortal Kobold. * Note: I don't own the image used for the cover art, if the one who does wishes me to remove it, just let me know.


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The MC is a cultivator who reincarnates into a low-ranked classic fantasy race. It is a fantastic exploration of how a main character from a wuxia novel acclimates and excels in a westernized high fantasy swords-and-sorcery world like Skyrim or Faerun. The world is a bit grim and characters have their own motivations, leading to some unexpected story advances. The stakes remain consistently high, with impossible challenges an everpresent threat since chapter one.  The author has excellent verbiage and is capable of clever poeticism but there are occasional punctuation or grammar errors. The first arc is excellent, satisfying, and ends with an insane ante up. I'm looking forward to seeing where the MC goea next. If you pick this up, you'll see me losing my mind in the comment section! Great work, Author! Let's work hard, together. 


this review has a spoiler and the work has a harem Writing Quality: ok, trasnlate translated everything cute so you shouldn't have any big problems Stability of Updates: I don't know, I didn't follow the launch Story Development: descently, at the least of the chapters I read, I found the nerf in the protagonist very small I think I should have been born as a baby and have developed from there with him spending a lot of time creating / adapting the cultivation techniques with the proper ones limitations learning how to do things like kobold or how he was defeated by the tribulation having lost everything he cultivated (including techniques) or at least following another path to immortality since what he tried didn’t work, it also bothers me the ease, convenience and lack of development in alchemy, mainly because of the lack of time which would be solved with the bow "drinks" with him exploring the forest, being abused beautiful father and son (for him to nurture us hate / disgust for them) in fact hunting herbs developing a "taste" for reptilian beauty to justify romance, etc. The point of works reincarnated / transported and about how the protagonist works, reacts and develops in another world with the knowledge he already had, especially when his race is changed, but what is the difference between him being human or kobald? in fact not even his appearance makes any difference since he randomly goes on a "" war "" and meets an elf who falls in love with him being that he is a biped and super developed gecko (bro ... i'm not stupid, that he is just an idiot) and he is so strong that he only enters the fort and kills everyone and that's it. Character Design: the protagonist is already complete and has nothing to cause change or growth, what kind of fucks, the story is about the protagonist she already starts with him ready, complete in the first arc already shows that he will not have difficulty with anything / almost nothing and if you do it will not be his fault, it will probably be the fault of some of the women he has in his harem or that he will add to the harem will never improve him in himself, his skills and cultivation have no limitations ("there are more forward "or" I will put the difficulties / limitations further ahead ", stories are like building, you have to create good bases for a development without them things don't make sense or seem forced), the second characters have no role beyond give information and ***, which is only reinforced with them being all women and in love with him, if it were only the race being sexually open would be fine. plus the addition of the elf falling in love with a laratixa just proves this point World Background: it seems to be a normal fantasy world with a cultivator inserted there, but from what you can see from the first chapters, the world of the protagonist is not superior (reinforced by the ridiculous superiority that he achieves without any effort). in a short time with cultivation and the ease with which he does things that others cannot do, such as adventurers being killed / captured, this being their job with them having information about what they will find having superior weaponry (since the goblins does not keep weapons and has no armor) and the protagonist only goes and kills not only without problems but in an absolute way without any chance of retaliation even against the strongest of them, this shows that the adventurers have an insanely inferior base to the protagonist, so the world must not have anything too much to overcome or match the protagonist. to be fair, it seems like a story about common reincarnation without much thought, with the protagonist ready to go wild in the world decimating his enemies and making a harem. I really just wanted to ask the author to put the harem tag and do a quick review ... but it became that, personally I don't even come close to the harem tag, since it is very difficult to make a story and fit harem / *** in history without destroying the work.


Reveal spoiler


To mutch drama.. mc does not care about the harem... he would **** and make them pregnant and leave them and he would sacrifice thousands of people only for him to get power he made an elf cry because thousands of people died and maybe her family is included he did not care and one potential harem member got tricked by the other and put poison in her drink something like paralysis and made her get raped by another dude again and again what did mc do nothing he waited for "the right moment"......she was in love with mc only for her to get raped and mc is like a pussy... he killed a monster and he did not show it was him so quickly hide his power and made an asshole take the credit and the kill of the mc and as the "win" he got to mate a female and of course, it was that female


Admittedly the story can get pretty dark at times. But the writing is excellent so far and the main character is interesting. I’d say it’s worth a shot.


Honest Review Surprisingly very well written and an interesting story. Kobold is a very interesting choice of race as most people go elves, dwarves, or something else that looks human when they choose a non-human MC. The Good: Kobold MC! The details are well thought out and described without being overbearing. Adding in Lizards in heat was a bit surprising. The Bad: Nothing glaring honestly. Slightly difficult time diving in to the story at first but that was just because I was distracted. The Neutral: Slightly hard time getting a feel for what the world is like, but I think that is just me so no stars deducted.




Very good sir👍🏻...........................................................................................................................


Story interesting marriage between western DD setting and chinese cultivation wuxia story with MC who has soul of supreme cultivator and body of kobold with hint of draconic bloodline. Update rate is stable. As author says, he delivers. Grammar wise it's not bad for story without editor. Worldbuilding wise it's nothing outstanding but on the other hand there a re no really glaring plotholes. All in all I treat this novel as pleasurable light read. I can recommend it as such.


Good premise but needs the harem tag. By chapter 11 there are no male characters besides the MC, and three females -- one of whom is, for some reason, driven to openly masturb*te when he's around.


I really liked how the story started the first 19 chapter were really good, the next 20 chapters were of him spending 2 years enslaved basically earning nothing, why around 20 chapter were needed for that I don't know, the next 20 chapters are of him being betrayed by a girl who wants to kill him, thinks him a monster but then loves him and only he is important to her, being enslaved ONCE AGAIN by a overpowered female cultivator who also reincarnated in her Dual Cultivation sect, and he continuously sees himself better than everyone and somehow is ridiculously overpowered even though he still hadn't evolved, then procedes to punch the dragon lady, Mistress and even though author makes her some vicious dragon she doesnt kill him for whatever reason even tho he continuously attacks her with his weak strength looking down on her. Literally this isn't convoluted at this point it's just a confusing and terrible plot put together with above average writing past the first 19 chapters. I personally am just becoming more enraged at the author the more I read because while it was incredibly realistic and awesome world building at first it gradually turned into a uncaring approach to writing the story, at chapter 54 only one person has commented. If you are looking for a story that will grab your heart, make you laugh, or turn you on this story isn't it, because nothing interesting happens. I'm half convinced the author is a arrogant person girl who takes forever to do things.


MC is supposedly former immortal aiming to become true immortal but all his actions show that he is little better than trash mob with memories of cultivation. MC has no character whatsoever, he sometimes feel like little righteous then is a coward a next moment, he is retard at most times and shares his secrets and wealth willy nilly for no reason just so he can show to readers, MC is weak and talentless. the setting doesn't make sense, cultivation, magic and system are all mixed up a where a trivial infernal jinn is able to alter the very laws of this universe.


brain cancer pure, if youre retarded you might like it. dont know dont care, rrssh novel not worth the time and thats about it my standard isnt even that high




I'm still reading, but so far the story is great. Sometimes its a little hard to understand what is about happen, probably it's just my bad english. translation skills.




is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem?


Wonderful story! While with the occasional typo, it is an exciting read! Utilizing the components of the DnD-esque universe with the alien art of cultivation leads thIs to be a new breath of life to the genre! 10/10


This novel is like a dream. Too good to be real... More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz More plz


I just started reading this story but felt like I need to write about it already. I really like the author's writing style, the descriptive language is quite intriguing. The story is interesting and I can't wait to see what happens to Xing Lei in his new life. Keep up the good work Author!


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