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The Hammer Effect


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Power, Power, Power. Everyone wants it. No one wants to lose it. It corrupts, It performs miracles. It causes untold devastation. Power, the aim of all madmen. The thing that allows them to enable their impetus. I want power, and with where I'm going, I'll need it to ensure my survival, after all there's much of it up for the taking. Ff.net account. https://www.fanfiction.net/u/12059332/Rain-Reid *For any of you who wish to support me my patreon link is down below. I won't be holding chapters hostage or any of that. The patreon is just there if you wish to support me because you enjoy my work. You are in no way obligated to provide me with anything. It's all your choice. https://www.patreon.com/ReidR41n I'll also be posting notices, teasers, polls and one-shot stories for more to come, so check it out. *Thanks and shout-out to LordValmar for the new cover image. It's sick bro!*


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