The Guy in a Coffee ShopThe Guy in a Coffee Shop

The Guy in a Coffee Shop

by liyanpark1013

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(UNDER REVISION) [MATURE CONTENT] Amiadianne Scott is known to be an independent woman in her 20s. Being away from her parents and living alone in her own apartment, thus she decides to start and manage her own coffee shop. One particular day, a beautiful man enters her coffee shop which easily caught her attention. Ever since then, she would see him visit her coffee shop daily and usually sits in the corner beside the glass window. As she looks at him closely, it seems like he is waiting for someone, but she never saw any single person coming to see him. She suddenly wonders why is that so... -------- Warning: Not suitable for young readers. It contains mature content so please be aware before reading the story.  ALL THE CHARACTERS never reflect their everyday life. The name of the characters is only for the fictional story and the imagination of the author for this book. ----------- If you want to reach out to the author, you can DM at Discord. Discord: liyanpark1013#1293 You can donate to the author, any amount would be appreciated! THANK YOU Paypal: paypal.me/liyanpark1013 ----------- Cover Made by: Sendaline_16 (One of my co-author and my friend! Check her book: Deathrow Academy: A-Class Hybrids in Training) Synopsis Edited by: AteJanz (One of my co-author and my friend! Check her book: Witch Hunt)

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