The Genius Leo Book

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The Genius Leo


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Leo is a boy born to inherit genes from his genius father, but when he is in his 4th year, an accident changes his life, and his genius disappears instantly and suffering keeps coming and going. But he chose to continue to advance to get his lost genius, at the same time he was not aware because the pain made him awaken the special ability possessed by a genius. Until he enters Sarien High School which is one of the popular schools in the area, his initially indifferent and cold nature begins to change when he meets his good classmates. Leo also meets Niza Eriana, a rich girl, and the most popular in the school because of her beauty, but behind her perfection she has the same sadness as Leo, they begin to get closer and exchange stories. In the midst of Leo's life who continues to try to forget his past, a student named Lira who is also very genius and very similar to his younger sister, Shin, and that makes him have hope, at that school he also meets a mysterious student who can control "Aura" which is the main basis for obtaining special abilities for a true genius. If you like this story, please support the author by giving Power Stones, comments and reviews.


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