The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA
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The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA


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What is The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA

The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA is a popular web novel written by the author SSKV_R3D, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MODERN, HORROR, TIME-TRAVEL, TEEN-ADULT, SISTER, HORROR-THRILLER, LOVE SACRIFICE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 11.2K readers with an average rating of 4.51/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Everyone is afraid of something. Some people are afraid of spiders, some were afraid of heights, some were afraid of being left alone and many more. It was called a "Phobia". This feeling takes form in different ways, caused by different set of reasons, and has their own different solutions, but despite having a lot of causes, phobias can be cured by doing one particular solution... and it is... "TO FIND THE ORIGIN OF YOUR PHOBIA AND REPEATEDLY EXPOSE YOURSELF TO IT SAFELY." But take note that not every phobia can be cured easily, because it is connected to you more than any other. Maybe it is because of a grudge, a negative experience, or a trauma. It is normal to be afraid, but letting it control yourself is not normal. Just like Shio Kaiba, the subject of this story. She's a person who is afraid of many things, she does everything she can to avoid the things that she is afraid of in order to make herself reliable. However, something happened that forced her to face her fear, she was forced to go into a place where all of a person's fears will exist in a more traumatizing way. This place doesn't have any records that can explain why it is like that. It also doesn't have any files of people living in it. Which leads to the question.... Will this place help her to face her fear and cure her phobia? or will this place make her case worse than before? -----------------------------------------------‐----------------------- Disclaimer: All of the Characters, Story, Places, and Events is part of the Original Idea of the Author while writing the book. Any similarities found in this story to other stories or real-life situation is just a mere coincidence.

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Your synopsis is beautiful, it got me hooked as I read it. I've only read a couple of chapters and it's interesting. I like how realistic the story made me feel. Though there are a few points I'd like to point out, first would be the dialogues. I think there's just too much, it'll be better to add the character's thoughts because it can help us connect with the main character more. Also, the facial expressions for your dialogues need to change up a bit. I'm not a professional writer but those are just a few points that I and some people think that you should work on. Nevertheless, you've created a wonderful plot. I know you'll keep improving as you write so keep up the good work. Keep updating! Your story is promising.


The book's storyline is developing well in my opinion, but I just felt I as a reader didn't get to see much of the characters thoughts. There's a lot of dialog, I can vouch for that, but I don't feel or understand how the characters feel or think in the different situations. Definitely feel like you can develop the characters stronger! But it's only the begining! I hope to see more of your work! ❤️


I love how realistic it is that it made me feel as if I'm present in the setting as I read through the lines. The first chapter didn't get me hooked to it, but as I read the following chapters, it piqued my interest and it made me love it. I hope you keep up the good work!


great character development characters feel alive descriptions are great writing quality is beyond good updates regular keeps you on the edge love it keep it up


This story does a good job of suddenly throwing Shio into this world of chaos, along with the reader as well. There's that gnawing curiosity of what happens next and how everything in this mysterious world functions, and the creatures that inhabit it. There were typos that I noticed often going through, not to mention a repetition of the phrase "Character said with a (BLANK) tone." It definitely needed some switching up, which I am glad to see got changed up in the later chapters, but still was present.


So one of my favorite things about this book is the mystery! Perfectly customized and with a great note of a thriller👌🏼. I can't wait for the future events and how the story will continue!


A few chapters in, it starts to kick off. The setting is very interesting, like watching the approach of beautiful thunder clouds in the distance and not knowing whether to run towards or away from them. Nice job author!


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I like how the reader gets thrown into the story without any unnecessary explanations! Though I have to admit that the built up is a bit slow for my taste. The plot is super interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how the book will develop! To the author: Keep working on your craft! Looking forward to future updates.


I don’t want to look biased just because I support fellow Filipinos’ works but here is an honest review; first chapter is not that exciting, just full of introductions but if you continue reading you will end up binge-reading it and until you look for more chapters! I retracted I star from the world background simply because it needs more imagery, landscapes and more description to surroundings so readers can imagine the story like they are one of the characters in the novel. Needs few more editing mostly in grammatical errors and punctuations but it is just minor errors so I will keep that as 5 stars. Overall it’s a highly recommended book, fun to read, makes you busy and it’s actually worth binge-reading. Have a nice day.


The story is building up and it's good! It's getting interesting and it makes me curious. Very creative, good plot twists, and a unique story for me. The story has potential! Please check your grammars, I know it's hard but you are trying your best and I salute you for it 0_0>. You are a hardworking and passionate author, keep it up!


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Story starts off kind of slow but builds up to something intriguing. My only suggestion would be to check your spelling and grammar. Sometimes it gets a little hard to understand.


Hey...i just read a few chapters n it's fine..i would recommend it to others...author did her part of work ok...just some errors here n there but which book doesn't have it lol. Update regularly...:)


Ooooohhh!!!! This story is reaalllyy interesting!!! The plot is there, i like how you portray the characters emotions, how they react in a situation. The story have potential! Keep up the good work author! 👍👍


The story has a bit of thriller and horror. I like the way you write it but you can more depth and more imagery but the story is nice so yea, keep writing :)


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The story's premise is actually good. And I think the author has a good grasp of grammar as well. However, I had trouble in keeping myself interested in the characters' conversations - perhaps because there is an over-repetition on many generic words that they seem to follow a patter already. I mean this like: ___ replied with a ___ tone ___ said ___ responded This happens everytime. I believe this can be modified into a more engaging conversation like: 'Karen raised her brows at Shio who eyed her curiously' or something. (This is but a mere suggestion only) Still, the story remains promising. Especially when they started to talk about phobias and the peculiar thing that happened to Sam. Keep going!


Ohh that's great novel. Actually I'm in contemporary romance and I found it very interesting. Hope for regular updates. I liked it's story development and character design too. Keep it up.


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