The Ancient Monster Book

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The Ancient Monster


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In the snowy mountains of the northern region, A kingdom exist that conquered many territories with their mighty hero. She was the strongest woman alive and serve the kingdom for her whole life. But she was betrayed, After conquering the last kingdom in the Northern Regions. She was betrayed by her so called comrades, They drugged her and threw her into the prison for execution. Her family was executed in front of her, she could hear their screams. She devoted her life to the so called god but she was labeled as a demon. Her faith wavered and the Devil whispered into her ears corrupting her soul. The Devil told her the truth about the experiences of her family before they were killed. She was called a Naive, Innocent, and Idiotic although she was the strongest hero in the north. She was called a pathetic little girl who knows nothing and devoted her whole life for a God that would not notice her. She broke down after hearing the insults of the Devil which was mostly true. She just wanted for her suffering to stopped which cause the Devil to take something that cause her to suffer. She was burned at the stake alive by the kingdom she was loyal and the angry mob that kept cursing and swearing at her and her family. She was disappointed at the humans that she once tried to protect. So to end her suffering, The Devil took her Emotions and throws her to the Primordial World. She must survive there and raised her power into something unimaginable. Then She was turn into a monster. ———————————————————— The MC won't try to be a human anymore, Although she would get a humanoid form in the later chapters. She won't try to pretend as if she was still a human. Be warned that the MC is a monster, Moral Codes of Humanity disappeared on her when she turned into a monster.


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