The Adventures of Lucky Riot
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The Adventures of Lucky Riot


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What is The Adventures of Lucky Riot

The Adventures of Lucky Riot is a popular web novel written by the author IvoryDragon, covering OVERPOWERD MC, BLOODLINES, CULTIVATION, MAGIC, MARTIAL ARTS, SEXUAL CONTENT, BLOOD AND GORE, OVERPOWERED FEMALE LEAD, OVERPOWERED ANTAGONIST, EGYPTIANMYTHOLOGY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 255.3K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 100 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What is a Mystic Pharaoh? A shining light within the most bottomless abyss? A beacon of strength in the face of calamity? A warrior unrestrained by the physical plane, standing united with the natural elements? All races worship the Celestial Pharaohs as the gods among ants. Until the day the smallest and weakest of the ants rose up in resistance! In the Magi Era, humanity has discovered the wonders of magic! This brought humans, the race once thought to be the weakest existence, to the peak of competition with the universe's strongest races! Unfortunately, not everyone can be in that competition. Even though Lucky Riot spent his whole life being looked down on, he still never looked down on himself. He knew he was destined to eclipse the glory of all others! It was what Lucky was born to do. In an age where humanity has discovered the secrets of the universe or the ability to utilize origin energy, becoming magi is the only way to earn respect! However, Lucky seems to have zero talent in cultivating! Of course, that was all before the day he punched a hole into someone's face! "Should I yield due to someone claiming their birth is nobler than my own? No! If they say I can not have her, I will make her mine regardless! If they consider me slow, I will outpace them! If they consider me a minor character, I will outgrow them! If they say I am inferior, I will simply surpass them! Who will stop me then?" Join Lucky as he awakens the power that sleeps within and discovers the ever-changing world of the mystics!

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This at first seemed good, but then it just got weird as the characters started acting not like how they were set up to be. The aloof and nonchalant MC was likable at the start, but now he's just "alright". He basically showed no interest in his childhood friend up until around chapter 19 or 20, but then out of nowhere, they are in a relationship? He started to lust after her and I quote "undress her with his eyes". The childhood friend even said that such a man that wanted her like the other men would not be able to steal her heart, but then literally next second gives him a kiss and lets him do what he wants with her. Kinda stupid. Also, everything is really confusing, I mean I can barely understand what's happening most of the time, especially the prologue, the prologue doesn't even need to be there, the story makes more sense without it for most of the chapters. I think the idea of the novel is pretty cool, but it is executed poorly. Also, the author likes to use a lot of derogatory words such as "nigga", this constant use of the word made me feel uncomfortable. I mean like seriously, there is no need to say those words. I'm of a darker skin color myself and speak in a very... rude or inappropriate way I guess (I swear a lot, I mean a **** ton of swearing), but I never say that word. Another reason why I'm giving this novel a bad review is that I think that the author has deleted some reviews to get a perfect 5-star rating.


This book is great, I love it author pls don't drop this book and this can be considered my first time writing review for any book so this goes a long way to tell people how badass this book I give it a 5star rating.


I usually don't write reviews since there are always so many people doing it and my opinion isn't really that important, however the fact that this kind of good story doesn't even have enough reviews to show the rating is probably going to discourage many people from reading it, just like what happend to me, while i actually think it's an extremely good novel definitely worth reading. Good job author and thank you for your hard work, especially for the extra long chapters. Please don't drop it, at least not too soon.


The beginning is really good as how the story starts to slowly reveal bit by bit makes the reader want more. It really keeps tugging at you as how curios it makes you to know what will happen next. ****'s personality is also to my liking. Blending Egyptian myth and cultivation world together is also fascinating to read. A great story!


In my point of View. I really like this novel. It is quite entertaining. I search not many novels that dealt with Dragon Transformation or having powers similar to a Dragon. Never had I thought I would come across a novel where the MC has a personality similar to a dragon. I am a huge Dragon fanatic. If any one else knows any novel that contains to what I desire, than pls tell me. Much obliged.


EPIC! I really love this. The plot is very interesting and I love the mix of action, cultivation, and mysteries. The story itself is very unique and different. Please keep on writing it and never stop.


Hey guys, it's the author! This is my second book, and the pacing is completely different from my first. I begin this book mainly so I could slow down on my previous title Sky Fall Legend. Sky Fall has a lot of moving parts so I need to dedicate a lot of time for each chapter. As for Mystic Pharaoh, I just find it far easier to write as I've already plotted it out. It's a work in progress of course but let me know what you think!


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