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Read THE 7TEEN: LET THE PAIN EXIST novel written by the author Adwaid_Nambiar on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, covering killer. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Meet Dhruv, a 17-year-old boy shrouded in mystery. His life took a turn for the worse six months ago when his father passed away in a car accident, leaving him to contend with his neglectful mother and school bullies. However, everything changes on January 17th, 2017, when the police arrive at his doorstep to inquire about the murders of three of his classmates. Suddenly, Dhruv finds himself at the center of a murder mystery. As the truth begins to emerge, it becomes clear that things are not as they seem, and the line between right and wrong is blurred. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride where anything can happen, as the truth ISN'T WHITE ANYMORE. And Pain, Let It Exist! My novel stands out from many others in that it has a distinct conclusion and employs a unique storytelling style. Rather than following the conventional novel format, it is structured like a script. This decision was made to maintain a quick pace throughout the thrilling story without making it overly lengthy.

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Author Here! If you are reading this, then I hope you have read or at least have started reading "THE 7TEEN", if you haven't, then do give it a try! I have tried some unconventional ways to write this story, where most of the story is told from the conversations characters have between them. This way my characters get to express themselves in their own words, making it their world more than mine. Initial chapters could have some errors here and there as I was still a beginner at the time but I can assure you that quality gets better with every chapter. Storywise, this can be one of the most suspenseful and dark thriller you may come across. And I have put my heart and soul into making this a perfect story. I hope whomsoever have or is going to read this gets engaged in the story "THE 7TEEN". And I want to ask, what do you think about DHRUV? ENJOY READING ;-)


Overall : the story is amazing, the book is amazing, well just everything! The book itself was intriguing that it got me reading and reading! The book cover and synopsis was also attractive! Writing quality : It was good and there isnt much to criticise about it! There wasn’t any grammer mistakes. The author has his own way of writing which brings out the creativity and thrills to the story! Updating : It is constant and steady! definitely keeping up with the updates of the story! Characters : the characters were unique and interesting, they had their own personalities and backstorys to some. World background : it was good and it often changes between the past and present but it shows us My thoughts : i personally would recommend this book to anyone whos looking for the thrills and suspense! I really love the story and will keep updates of it! Keep up the good work and hope to see more of it!! ☺️☺️


Reveal spoiler


I feel like I watching an Indian action movie so I'm already on the edge of my seat. The title was written in a very creative way and I still can't wrap my mind around that (it was the main reason I clicked on the book in the first place [img=recommend]). The cover and synopsis are very catchy, creating the yearning to learn about the teenager. This book is realistic and makes me want to read it. I appreciate the effort taken into writing this great book. I wish to see when this book goes premium. Keep it up, Author!




The way you expressed emotions without emoticons is really GREAT . I could actually feel the emotion . The choice of words makes the scenario very clear in your mind . You could actually see the characters . Hatts off to you adu ❣️


Unique story and the interesting plot was enough to keep me reading. I only wish some of the chapters weren't soo long, it was a bit hard to read.


First, book cover is dope!💕 Then I must say, I always admire authors that write slice of life. Shii is hard! This novel has a captivating storyline, full of interesting twists and turns. MC is unique... special😆 Read to see what that means. While reading, it really does feel like you are watching a thriller movie, and I do love a good thriller movie. It's cool. Particularly, I love the way the author switches scenes between flashback and realtime. It's a great, not-so-easy-to-achieve writing technique and you are nailing it in your first book. That's awesome! It's a good read and hey, it's permanently in my library😉 Giving you a 5-star because I think you've got potential, author. Keep writing!


The character buildup is great, the plot is entertaining and the story overall is really interesting, the story is easy to follow . The author did a good one here...


Okay . . . . . . This is a book where, as you continue to read, will make you CAN'T STOP READING IT! This is quite a fresh story from all the reincarnation, & systems stuff here in WN. As you continue to read, questions such as all the kinds of WH questions keep popping in your mind. This book greatly hooks me. I won't spoil any beans but I greatly recommend this book. And I swear you won't get disappointed with it. Great work author!


Greetings to the author, in fact, the story is great, once you start the first chapter, you go through the remaining chapters without stopping, I love this type of story and this is the first novel that matches my considerations 100%, of course, it will be my favorite novel from now on the last word to the author, you did a really great job here!


This is definitely a hidden gem. Most of the books I have read on this platform are bunch of useless words put together. I can honestly say this book is the only one I am going to continue reading. The author knows what he is doing and has a good grasp of humor(such a big plus). Good work author!


First I asked myself, "Should I call the police? This man is describing everything so well that it's scary, but then I saw that it was just all the author's descriptive genius, but I couldn't help but be scared at some parts, Mr. Detective.


This novel has everything man I must read, that scene with the french toast is perfect as well. and it has well-rounded characters and an interesting plot


The dialogue need some changes. It makes your writing unprofessional. Overall is good. The synopsis is intriguing and the cover is eye catching.[img=recommend]


Phew! What an emotional rollercoaster. This is both intriguing and frightening. At one point I thought either the author is a detective or a criminal 😂. The detailed description of murders and the brilliance in which the criminal narrates everything, is gripping. This is like watching a top tier crime thriller. Author, you are so good you scare me. A novel that has me question whether it's reality or fiction. Everything is on point. I s truly awed. Keep it up


Since I like mystery, I love the story! Though I couldn't read lot because of my schedule, I add it to my library and will read it later! However, the synopsis is too much interesting and I was amazed by the skill of the author! The plot is really well described and I like it! Great work author! I cheer you!


Great story to just sit back and relax and read. The formatting is a little weird but readable and even though the names are strange I think they add charm to the story.


In fact, I liked the way you presented a novel and built great expectations on it But my expectations were all wrong. The novel is much better than I expected The character of the hero or the way you blend the present and the past...everything is great[img = يوصي]


This novel is goood and the storyline is unique. Writing quality is good but I would like to suggest to change the narration a little. Like when you use the colons, it kind of goes fast pace while reading, in my mind making it difficult to catch onto the emotions you want the reader to feel. It also distracts the readers from reading the story. It's always better to show than tell the emotions. Other than that, the book has potential. Good work, Author!


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