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TBATE: The 7.


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Dying. A seemingly terrifying thing, a thing that a lot of people dread. A single soul, taken from its rightful place on earth, has been given a chance at new life. This soul however, is not the kindest most wonderful thing in existence... It's killed, it's kidnapped, its lied... It's betrayed, but it's been betrayed as well... How will this soul spend his new time in a world he once read about? Will he become the deciding factor for the worlds downfall? Or the worlds fortune? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TBATE: Abnormal One, but It's been rewritten. Changed into a new story, one that I find interesting and maybe fun to read. My last project wasn't good at all, but you have to start somewhere right? For my first fanfiction, it wasn't bad. But it wasn't something I could look back on and say "Wow, that was actually pretty good for my first try." And so, hopefully this new rewritten/new story, makes up for it. Thank you for giving my story a chance even after the absolutely terrible first run. I hope you enjoy... :)


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