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Spring Winds [GL]


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What is Spring Winds [GL]

Spring Winds [GL] is a popular web novel written by the author IsaChiu, covering YURI, LESBIAN, GXG, LGBT, GL, ROMANCE, CULTIVATION, SLOW-BURN-ROMANCE, SHOUJO-AI, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 864.3K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 44 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 72 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I'm sorry my kite hit your face!" Those were the 'legendary' first words to my fated person. Haha... Please don't hate me, Senior Sister! I swear it was merely the breeze! I swear it was! Zhu Na Ran is a girl who merely wanted to escape her past and start anew. Ye Lian Hua is a girl from a prominent family, pressured to carry on her family's expectations. Unexpectedly, the two meet from a mishap of the wind. Could it be love? ___ Updates are usually on Wednesdays and Fridays PST - 7. An original story. I just really wanted to get this idea out there, so I hope you would enjoy this story. :) Cover by yours truly. Please forgive my lack of skills. :) ___ Originally published: 11 Mar, 19 Rewritten: 18 Mar, 20


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I'm not good writing rewiews, but I will, cause I like you IsaChiu. Your story and settings, I love it! And every time I read how Zhu Na Ran teases Ye Lian Hua a smile creeps up my face and is hard to go away. I had so many moments where I just laught out loud, to how funny it was and was often excited, about the little unexpected twists. I really look forward, to how those twos' journey will unfould. Keep it up 🥰 - yours truly Quhon 😘


Well, I kind of like the fact that this novel is LGBT but it was very good. Just more update please 🙏😊😊😊LGBT is just some new taste that was kind of interesting, besides straight novel seems to be heaving just the same storyline of love that annoyed me. Go author I'm supporting u on this novel.


I'll win eventually.... Baka chiu chiu wait I shouldn't say that... Ahem, IsaChiu, um... great book many wows.... um... I like read! My book more fluff though... Hm.... ZNR and YLH very heartwarming couple.... Also LY needs to die~!


I'm really loving the story and plot so far... The characters are perfect for the story too. Literally every single week, I keep on thinking about the update and what will happen in the next chapters eeeek! This story just makes me wanna squirm and feel all tingly inside. Hehe thank you author, I love you 😆💖.


Sweet and slow kind of love I think... but I really really like the flow of story! 😆😆😆😆 It's not like those other gl story that it's kind of fast the mcs fell to one another... I like this story's originality. 😀😀😀 Hope that updates are regular...


This is a great story with more fluff than action and the beginnings of drama. My only complaint is that I desire more so please dear author let us see ZNR give her gift already!


Reveal spoiler


I do really like this story I am imagining the JenLisa... The story going smoothly but I've noticed that the story updating is very slow.. It brought frustrations for the readers as I am too immerse with the story I get stopped by for no update... May the author find proper cultivation for her awesome story..


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I haven't even been reading this story for even a quarter of a day but I've already been completely captured by the humorous tones and serious moments which I won't reveal for the sake of not spoiling anything. The story can easily turn from a mischievous and playful tone to a dark and somber one instead while blending in so well with the storyline. The storytelling is simply remarkable to me. i love it with all my heart. It leads you by the nose from gentle and soothing, to rambunctious and mischievous, to unsettling and heartbreaking and joyful bursts of gay. I can't say much about the stability of updates as I've literally been here less than a day but I have seen absolutely no complaints about this whatsoever. I managed to binge and enjoy the chapters that are present. I'll come back to this part in a month or so, I guess. The world building is a process that's being set at it's own pace, but it is a cultivation novel at its base with emperors, sects, trials, disciples, and masters. You get a vague idea of how things are run in the world but considering the main point of view from both MCs, the finer details don't really matter until much later when they're actually needed. Through YLR (I think) we learn more about everything outside and inside of the sect and the relations they have with outside forces and some other important details. I can't say much here either since we're less than 100 chapters in and considering most novels on Webnovel, we're just barely getting started and the author is just starting to layout the foundation. Everything looks really good so far and I'm not worried at all about this. Now, for story dev and writing quality, I can only say that this is indeed the heart moving GL novel you're looking for. We've got a wonderfully innocent and naive yet mischievous and lazy trouble-seeking Junior Sister on one side, and on the other we have a cold yet very caring tsundere Senior Sister who hasn't quite yet realized her feelings for said Junior sister and vice versa. !shenanigans ensue and relationships are forged. !plotline begins and strings you along with intriguing and mysterious elements. I'm still waiting on the angst, though I know it won't take too long. The writing style just flows and is very easy to read and understand with footnotes in case there were words or phrases which you didn't know or understand when you read them. It's easy to follow, it keeps you thinking, even when the author is just messing around with you and leading you by the nose exactly where they want you. The writing style is playful and humorous while also having serious and somber undertones without delving too far into the more mature categories, I suppose. It's more suggestive than explicit and I just love everything about it. This is probably my least well put together review, and I apologize for that but I couldn't help but want to leave one.


This book is amazing! I not really good at writing reviews but I highly recommend this book. So now I'm just going to write these words to be able to post this review. (I'm not good at writing. TwT)


I haven't read all the updated chapters and I'm still at chapter 3 but, based on what I read this book is quite interesting. I just to give reviews and see how the story developed.


Love it and it's funny. Feel good, feel happy, yuri is the best.. yes... yes... Always make me smile when read it. Ah...... happy happy... Please continue.. 👍


Love this slow burn I can’t wait to see them develop but kinda hoping for more of the culitivation side of the story if there is any cause kinda curious if they are strong or what are they culitivating


Ah, really good story so far so keep it up. Love me some good ole yuri. Just wish there was more chapters out but eh what can you do. Anyways nice work so far.


Wow...been waiting for this. Now that their feelings for each other is confirmed by both of them. Let the romance blossom. Thanks Author.


Thanks author for such a delectable story. Just a slight adjustment in your schedule and you'd entertain us readers for a long time. Big ups to the author and other readers. I await more chapters. Oh my gosh I'm in love with the story. Story is so interesting. Writing quality - mechanical accuracy, spelling of words, punctuation, translation, and vocabulary must be improved. High stability of story update, keep it up! World background or setting should even be real and not limited to only anime worlds.


Really sparse updates but still appreciated . It's hard to find LGBT novels that are more L .. especially ones that are well written . Looking forward to reading more if this story . Thank you for your hard work .💞


A funny on its own has originality.... have many interesting and question of my own such as "will they have to fight the transmigrated man that has system like the BLACKEN PROTAGONIST something? A GL chinese novel???


I'm admiring the story and plot... The characters are comprehensive for the story. Actually, each week, I keep on guessing about the update and what will happen in the next chapters! This story just makes me wanna wriggle and feel tingly within. Please read my webnovel, too: - Let Me Choose You - Who Are You - Facing Into The Sky Thanks🤍🤍🤍


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