My Heart Craves Yours Book

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My Heart Craves Yours


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"I have a meeting in 15 minutes bambina" ,he said through kisses. "Don't worry ,you will make it to your meeting". I said kissing him with so much vigour. I knelt between his thighs and I could see his dick twitch. I licked my lips in anticipation. "I brought you lunch but seeing you tensed I have to do this", I tell him while freeing his rock hard erection from his pants. His cock sprang up leaking of precum and I knew that he was just as excited as I was . I wrapped my mouth around him with my tongue swirling around the tip making him quiver in pleasure and I begin to pick up the rhythm of my tempo. Faster and faster. I was becoming relentless. He grabbed a hand full of my hair when I licked his balls. His entire body shudders before he cums inside my mouth breathing heavily. "Sir ,the meeting begins in 2", the intercom buzzes. "Better get to your meeting. See you when you get home". I announced with a wink and made my exit with a satisfied smile on my face. Thanks you clicking on this book.


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