Solo Killer Machine
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Solo Killer Machine


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What is Solo Killer Machine

Solo Killer Machine is a popular web novel written by the author Zhen0214, covering ADVENTURE, ACTION, COMEDY, SYSTEM, MODERN, WEAK-STRONG, SECRET-IDENTITY, GAME-LIKE ELEMENTS, POWERFUL-MALE-LEAD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 46.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 2 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A boy who lost all motivation and kept himself hidden for years without gaining the attention of society since the news of his mother's death at a young age. A boy born with a girlish name given by his birth mother and later grows to be an overweight and useless teenager (or so it was perceived) with unusual eye colour and soft skin like a girl. Being mocked and humiliated as the defect of the Hades family by his half-brother taking the lead. The Hades household are known to be rich and well sought out prestigious household known for being brave and strong but it's a contrary description of Mickaila. A 16 years old boy with no power or ability to protect himself was one day tricked by his older brother and his friends, being suddenly kidnapped and dragged to a unknown ominous forest, severely wounded and left to feed the wolves  but instead of giving up, he stood up onto his two feet and roamed the forest for a safe place to stay for the night and that was when he came upon a cave. A unspeakable chill was coming from within, and for this young boy whose curiosity got the better of him went deeper inside to reveal a magnificent historical fashioned double door, with a tiny touch, the gates opened revealing a large temple like room, statues of different entities that Mikaila never seen before laid in front of him, in the middle laid a stand that held a book. Approaching it, he reached out and with a slight touch, a bright light shone in front of him and the next thing he knows a screen suddenly appears in front of him, |your first mission is to kill the dire wolf that is awaiting you outside of the cave. Failure to do so means death| "Wait, What is this thing? And why is it asking me to kill a wolf? I'm injured god dammit!" "Tsk, whatever I bet it's my mind playing with me." He scoffed whilst making his way outside however the first thing that happened was a bloody blood bath, his body scattered into pieces by the dire wolf,  crimson red blood splattering on the cold green grass, "am I dead?" Mickaila questioned, the voice of the system suddenly popped up into his mind at that exact moment, "tutorial is now over, restarting system... welcome new player, your mission is to kill the dire wolf outside the cave. Failure to do so means death. And this time, it's for real!" ———————————————————— Mickaila faces the same old world, hiding behind the scenes and getting bullied by his brother and his friends for so many years hiding within the Hades family shadow, not using his full strength and intelligence in the world that he lives in. However this soon changes with the revelation of a screen suddenly appearing in front of him with a countdown etched inside until the day of chaos, a unknown system that was suddenly implemented into his mind, not knowing the purpose of it but one thing was for certain which is if he doesn't abide, he either dies or severely punished. What would he do with the years of effort hiding behind the scenes and suddenly he was forced to once again use the abilities he was gifted with since birth? A solo killer machine with no guilt of his actions and a secret that would soon unravel about his existence. IMPORTANT INFO: Be warned future readers, this novel does contain slow romance but it only comes later on within the novel along with MC revealing his system at the beginning (i.e. to his sister in chapter 5) , for those who dislike this then this novel may not be suitable for you. But for those who would proceed in reading, hope you enjoy it. Please leave any comments or power stones. I will try my best to improve my writing and make it as interesting as possible. Thank you : ) (Note: picture doesn’t belong to me and all credit goes to the maker)


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