Set Fire to Rain Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Set Fire to Rain


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After the death of her mother in a fatal car accident, Meredith found out her father owes the bank a huge sum of money. His father runs away leaving 21-year-old Meredith alone to deal with the problem. She decides to start a new life in another country, arriving in Paris, Meredith couldn't afford to rent a decent house because of her budget. Matthew offered to rent one of the rooms in his apartment to her. Matthew is the ex-boyfriend of her best friend Maria whom she loath to the core. will she accept to stay with her worst enemy or follow her pride and end up sleeping on the street of Paris? And will she cope with the bruises from her past? And imagine fire(Meredith) and water( Mathew) as roomies. it's going to be fun and fun...


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