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Road to the Crown


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What is Road to the Crown

Road to the Crown is a popular web novel written by the author MotivatedSloth, covering KINGDOM-BUILDING, WAR, SYSTEM, GAME-ELEMENTS, ROMANCE, ACTION, POLITIC, EARNED POWER, GORE, History genres. It's viewed by 2.2M readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 83 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 335 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Political marriage, war taxes, subsidies, a tribute... All those terms sound nice when one juggles them from behind the screen of his trusty computer! Junk food? Check. Sugary drinks that will cause me diabetes? Check. Two weeks of leave from the work? Check. A fresh copy of the newly released game finishing downloading as I'm going back from the grocery store? Check. Oops! My emotions got better to me, and I tripped on the stairs. I'm so silly! Then... Why the hell am I kneeling in a throne room, watching the marriage and coronation ceremony of the King, dressed in the noble robes with the game itself only flashing in the corner of my eyes? Discord link: https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ


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Sir Slothy, pin this review prithee! ༼ つ ◕o◕ ༽つ Entire review below wast thrown in (a very inaccurate) Shakespearean converter to add some spice to it. (it seemeth appropriate considering the background of this story.) Below, one may findeth an honest review, as sugar coating is not mine own style. [Writing Quality : 3/5 stars) One may forsooth understandeth the language of Sir Sloth rather well. However, it shalt beest did note yond one may findeth occasional typos, spelling mistakes, and a few other issues, which cometh together to detract 2 stars. I rate things with 3 being average though, so I would sayeth yond the quality is just in the middle. The novel forsooth pondered valorous f'r wn standards. I would suggest haply writing on Google Docs if 't be true not already. Docs tenders a grammar checker which doest help catch some of the basic errors (and spell check too). I find myself as just a grammar nazi, but I personally bethink yond most people shall readeth it without any issues. I would like to note yond sloth writes in a very styliz'd manner. Especially with this novel in first person, thee heareth the voice of the protagonist, Mike of Tarnow, from the house of Terrna of the starry moon crest, landed of the city of Tarnow, lord of the province and the surrounding villages, very clearly, which is wonderful because it adds to his character! [Stability of Updates : 5/5 stars] At which hour the Sloth is did motivate, none may standeth in his way of updates. Thither hast nev'r been an auth'r with more stable updates than the renown'd Sloth who hast grac'd the ordinary with his stability. [Story Development: 3/5 stars] The story follows the perspective of Mike of Tarnow, who is't transmigrates into the gentle's corse after tripping in his past life. He decides to useth his modern knowledge and arts to improve his current situation. The beginning may cometh off to others as a dram dry, but t's quite informative. People who is't art interest'd in history and culture shall findeth it very engaging, and it is clear yond the auth'r is well-knowledg'd and didst plenty of research ov'r the background. Story picks up 'round chapter four, but the information did provide ere is important too. I bethink yond I tooketh off both stars because of the info-dump-esque style at the beginning, which isn't very much a valorous idea. (the first chapter wast intriguing, and then the following two chapters wast very information-packed). The pacing, in mine own opinion, couldst've been better flow'd. Once the information deliver'd is ov'r, though, the pacing doest becometh rather interesting. The story hast a clear direction and plot which is most wondrous. [Character Design: 3/5 stars] To beest honest, i feeleth like Mike of Tarnow's character adapt'd too apace to the situation of transmigration. He may beest well-educat'd in the topics of history and the events yond hath happened, and yond he considers everything a game, but the fact yond he adapt'd in a matter of seconds doest want a did bite of believability. F'r example (spoiler hither), at which hour killing a sir, he doesn't showeth much of a reaction after doing so. This is account'd to the fact yond he treats this like a game, but considering how realistic everything cometh across, i feeleth like how he reacts is a did bite unrealistic. I eke wouldn't believeth yond an individual knoweth yond much history if 't be true i hadst not known the kind of person yond the author, Sir Sloth, is. Argal, the knowledge aspect of Mike of Tarnow's character doest maketh logical sense I indeed like the character Elia, who is't seemeth to beest the romantic interest. The lady seemeth interesting and the lady appears quite early on as well. I am excit'd to see and receiveth to knoweth that lady character a did bite moo. [World Background: 5/5 stars] As mention'd ere, Sir Sloth hast extensive knowledge ov'r history and culture (after all, this is bas'd off of the state he knoweth most wondrous). A clear demonstration of this knowledge is did include in the story, and thus, the background may seemeth very vivid. The useth of authentic cultural conversions and terms eke adds to the realistic depth of the world. Certes, this deserves a full five stars. Overall, the total rating is [3. 8 out of 5 stars]. In other words, above average. 'Twill beest an enjoyable readeth f'r those who is't art interest'd in the history genre, and those who is't enjoy transmigration 'r modern protagonist mindset characters. Sticking through the beginning shall forsooth beest worth t. Sir Sloth hast once again deliver'd a magnificent story. However, i has't mine own doubts if 't be true this novel is truly worthy enow to compete with the glory yond "While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends!", another worketh of Sir Sloth, holds. Yond novel is a true worketh of art, while the true value of this worketh is not quite yet certain, as not enow chapters has't been putteth out to generate a complete review. Regardless, these art mine own first impressions, which shall hopefully beest able to guide others if 't be true they can make shift to readeth through this detail'd (and very inaccurate) language! 'Twill not beest a loss f'r thee to readeth through this novel if 't be true thou art intrigu'd.


An obligatory, shameless highfive from author to himself! Hello guys, here is some bits about the story in general: This novel treats about a guy from a modern times transported (not this time, truck-kun!) to the past times, only to learn that the game he wanted to play, turned kinda into reality! With system to his side to aid him on his adventures, he will aim - like the title says - for the crown, but not of the state that was bound to soon start falling apart, but a powerfull and modern country that he would create himself! As for more technical side of things, this story will get at least 2 daily chapters, unless something IRL happens. Additionally, I do acknowledge that I'm not fully content with the early chapters as they are too infu-dumpy without a real hook, so as soon as I will find some time to do so, you can expect me to rewrite and improve that part!


A really good original novel that you won’t regret giving a read. Writing Quality - Not much to say about this because there are rarely any obvious mistakes I can pickup on. Stability of Updates - There are regular updates (Though, there are never enough chapters when you really enjoy a story). Story Development - I like the current development of the story and you can tell the author is either well read or has done some research into the current specifics of the story. I would like to have a closer look at the actual system and the main uses of it for the MC, because at the moment the most important aspects I can think of are the map and crafting. It feels like he has been neglecting his responsibilities as a Lord in his own territories and I would like to see his making better use and giving a better look into the running of his current lands. With all the statistics available from the system I would think that he could create some medium long and easy to understand plans? Character Design - The character designs for the people that matter are well thought out. Even some side characters and the general attitudes of the nobles proves enlightening. The only thing that irritates me at times is the Main Character and his many tangents. Though, I suspect that is a design of the author on purpose. It just seems like the MC likes to jump from one thing to the next like an excited child and not being able to wait to show his efforts to all the people (Yet having nothing physical to show for that idea yet) World Background - The general lay of the world is proving to be well written. I’m not particularly well informed on polish geography and what has been established is well done, It would prove useful for the author to at some point once the MC has a stable land ownership to creat a map with the different colour coding to show who owns what (I find it helps with visualisation). Overal, a fantastic piece of work.


By steadying putting one sloth claw in front of another sloth claw, this motivated author has successfully inserted his readers into a real time and place that for most readers will be both a complete unknown and a bastion for fervent imagination and creative plot developments ... ... I absolutely love this genre of a novel, BUT it is sooooo so hard to find quality among the few field entrants... but this looks quite promising. This is not the quality of "A Step into the Past," "Tales of Reincarnated Lord," "Great Tang Idyll," or the first half of "Picking up a General.." BUT, it appears to have the potential to be just beneath them... and very probably can stand at the top of "historical w_a system" sub genre... ... I am EXCITED to read more of the interwoven facts about medieval Poland and ANXIOUS to see what developmental paths this MC takes... ... ... so let's pool our resources and get motivatedsloth a small shipment of methamphetamines because him writing non-stop for 2 weeks w/o sleep is most definitely in everyone's best interest. ... ... jokes aside, this is GOOD... I want MORE... no complaints if the chapters were 2-3 times as long with more dialogue, descriptors, etc. :-p


Reveal spoiler


this story is honestly weird... a dude gets a system that allows him to bring whatever technology he wants to the past in order to help his country, Commonwealth or Poland, to become a world power. The author is clearly patriotic towards his country, and keeps saying how living in modern times is worst than in the past. I honestly don't understand how he keeps this reasoning. He talks as if the world stole everything from Poland and that modern society is inferior or wathever he cooks up. He's even weirdly patriotic to a supposed country that collapsed about 200 centuries ago. He keeps saying that modern people have lost all morals and that people in the past were more honest.


The story is set in Poland during medieval times, with the MC reborn from a modern gamer playing the game, to a novel coming from an illustrious background. He's respected but he's middle-lower echelon in terms of nobility. He knows a bit about this part of history, yet what truly gives him the foundation to stand out and develop is that he knows one simple fact about their current king, which is that he will abandon his kingdom and flee in 4-5 months time. This isn't something that by itself will make him rich and powerful, but it gives him the opportunity to take advantage of that fact. The way he's growing his influence, wealth and power is by making innovations and improvements to already existing things. For example, his beer business is doing really well, and he has expanded to 3 territories 112 chapters into the story, (all 3 of which are his, haha). His beer is considered to be on a different level, and knowing this he made it famous by using a couple of opportunities to make governors and nobles try it during noble social events in order to spread it. There's no ridiculous cheats, he doesn't get thousands of gold of income after a couple of chapters, hell even after 112 chapters that's still not the case. While from what I've said so far you might think that the MC's just good for making money, that's not the case. Funding an army is not so easily done, especially when your territory doesn't make enough money a month to open up a solid business. There are also the issues of manpower, which can't be solved in a short period of time by regular means, which means he needs territory if he wants more population fast. I can go on and on, but basically, him focusing on economic development so far is mostly because he needs it as a foundation to grow further. The main point that has attracted me to this story, is that the MC isn't a knight in shining armor that will risk his life for nothing. He's neutral, which i can deal with. The main issue I have with it however, is that while he kills most of his enemies, I don't find him ruthless enough. *Spoiler below this* Most recently, he defeated the man that wanted to take his wife as his own in a war in which he killed almost all of the enemies soldiers, and after the man stands on trial and is exiled, he doesn't off him after he's exiled. Yes he's already gotten all of his territory and money, but offing him is no problem and I don't see a good reason for him not to do it. Some smart nobles would know it was him that made his enemy mysteriously disappear, but so what? It's not uncommon and there won't be proof. So far the author has shown that he doesn't use tropes, but if the exiled guy with nothing to his name makes problems for the MC in the future, that's grounds for dropping the book. Overall it's a great novel, among the best of its rare kind. Novels similar to this are Black Iron's Glory, The World Online, etc.


Reveal spoiler


Aurthor writing is just like a vergin **** who always thinks about sex and story of his own without proper plots. All his chapters either filled with his sex thoughts or about unnessery thinking. Like a child got some grate candy and just want to show of.


As a Pole, it's hard for me to read this novel ... the author knows too little about the history of his country, the characters are annoying and stupid ... and many other irritating things. If someone has a lot of time can read, if someone expects a good story better to look for another novel.


Ok so the story starts out as a transmigration with a system to ancient Poland. It's a good idea but the way it works out and is pretty boring and the main drawn of the system is barely used and not even defined. Right now we know barely anything about the system. There is no info on how he levels if there are levels, we know he gets xp from crafting but I guess no xp when he kills anyone we dont know his stats but we know he has them. The whole system thing is laid out like a wiki, it gives him info and that's about it oh and it can auto brew. It is supposed to be able to craft for him but he never uses it but to make beer. I mean what is the use of a system if he doesn't use it or hell the author never defines what it actually is or what it can do totally or what ways he can get xp. So ya the system to me is just a hook to get people that like them to the story and just enough to seem like there is a system. Just a few chapters in the romance entanglement starts which is crazy. The guy knows he only has a few months before the king runs away and all heck breaks loose and instead of setting stuff up thoroughly he spends 100 chapters play romance politics, yes het gets 2 towns out of it but damn 100 chapters of it and he has just made 1 brewery. I swear the author wants to have sex with his horse, he spends so much time describing the horse and putting his head to the horses you are just waiting from him to kiss the beast and way to much sex chapters for this type of story, I mean like 4 chapters to explain smut. Anyway the story is a disappointment and it's about to go premium. I wish the guy luck but i dont think many readers will hang around, in my opinion it's not worth paying for. The guy puts a lot of work and research in but for what its supposed to be it's just disappointment.


Awful Grammer, so much so that i couldn't understand lines even rereading it a couple of times. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😣😣😣😣😣😣😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖


This story was great the plot and it's characters. And for me, I really like it so I recommend it to others to read. I'm not being bias, it just get to my heart. I wish you will give us some wonderful work. Thank you!!! I love it. Fantastic and magnificent, your story is the best. Even though that I like more on action story with the touch of fantasy, I really like your story. But to think that I will fell in love in this story was unbelievable also I really like it thank so much.


the novel is not bad but sincerely it seems to me a copy of King of Mercenaries the story of a transmigrated to sixteenth century europe who uses his modern knowledge to succeed XD and without having to depend on a magical system I do not want to be harsh and I encourage the author to continue writing but it seems to me not very original and his very confusing work often does not explain things, for example, the whole game system that the protagonist has, in addition to not justifying where it comes from, it seems unnecessary to me sorry my bad English


One of the best stories of this nature on this site if you have any interest in history there’s a good chance that you will like it.....................XP.....................................


Although sometimes you feel off by some sentences there is only 1 or 2 per 2-3 chapters so writing quality is one of the highest i ever seen.Story development feels pretty good too without all those constant faceslap ,backstab.Romantic subplot is instead of heavendefying worldshattering G cup thing waisted beaty falling in to mc's hands its just a pretty girl with a tragic backstory, harbouring geniune feelings towards each other.


Great novel with an immersive world. It’s a change of scenery from your typical cliche Qidian Novel. Give it a chance and you wouldn’t regret it. Character development in this novel is one of the best I’ve ever seen. 10/10 Would Recommend


The idea of this story is very interesting and the execution of the story is amazing. I like the way the author is very realistic with the story and shows that he cannot start making factories when he arrive. This makes him come up with other ideas to make his (character) fortune


So, the story emphasizes on the usual transmigration into fantasy setting but things that make this interesting are many. First of all, the first person Pov suits the story well and the prologue leaves the readers wanting for more. Second, the author itself has a good update speed and is growing as an author. Waiting for smut!!!


I like how this novel started just wish there was a little prelude to make it more exciting. Still hope the authors keeps it up! It seems very well thought out, researched, and close to the authors heart! Just wish there was something more in the beginning to bite into, but it still is very interesting!


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