Ride Or Die With Me
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Ride Or Die With Me


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What is Ride Or Die With Me

Read Ride Or Die With Me novel written by the author Eshal_Shahnawaz on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy, thriller, fantasyromance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] Park Naeun, a secret agent, met Kim Taehyun. A Vampire prince and the King of the biggest Mafia gang worldwide. Her mission was to seduce him and throw him in prison. He was a cursed prince who couldn't fall in love no matter what. If he did, the woman would be subjected to miseries and troubles her whole life. They both meet again and again like soulmates as if they were meant to be together. No matter how much they wanted to be far apart from one another. -------------------------------------------------------------- The climax starts to build up around chapters 20 or so. The story takes a long time to go forward so it'll be a bit streching for a while ;) The story is based on how two people start to love each other and then realize their love is forbidden. It's a mix of emotions so remember to keep some tissues with you at hand. You might need them to clean both tears of emotions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- My Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/eshal_shahnawaz

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A shameless 5 star review from the author🤣Please don't mind it. I will be updating Chapters daily from the previous ones to the new ones. I had spotted some mistakes and I will be looking forward to fix them as well. Hope you enjoy reading Ride Or Die With Me! Keep reading, supporting and voting!


Honestly this is interesting, the story seems promising and I really love the way where the story is going. You could add some poetic touch and this sure will be better. Hope to see improvements and would read this for sure💓[img=recommend]


The concept is great. It's interesting and the plots are great. Good job author![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The book is quite enchanting even merely reading through the synopsis, I already develop the desire to go on and on. This is a great novel in progress. A must read for all!


This book is amazing. The novel picks the reader's interest right from the start. And the twist added from the first chapter is just too amazing. Well done author! Waiting for more chapters.


The story is progressing nicely. I like where this booking is heading, and for as much as I have said it now, to multiple book may I add. This book is great and has a beautiful potential. Expect to see me around reading and updating my review! Keep up the good work!


very good book I must say and a rare one to add. haven't really read books on agents with a slice of romance, well I love the flow. good job Author...


This is quite a refreshing read from all the stories I read so far here in webnovel. The story has an interesting plot and great characterization of characters. The story development is flowing smoothly. Great Work author!


I cannot remember whether I have read a spy themed romance novel before. But reading this makes me want to explore more of it. I often find this kind of formula in things like K drama and such, but having it transform to a written form, the author was able to encapsulate what cannot be seen in different media.


A book to help you breathe in the air of youth, Ride or Die With Me perfectly encapsulates the motions and emotions of being alive. The story develops well and characters reflect humanity. Let the games begin.


There's only 2 chapters out at the moment, so I can't really say much about stability of updates or story development, so I'll keep them at 4 for now. The writing quality could use some work, minor grammatical mistakes etc., but it's still readable. Character design and world background are both great and unique. The book's title drew me in, and the author did not fail to meet my high expectations. Keep it up, author!


From the very beginning, the plot is intriguing. The reader straight away knows that you have a concept for the whole story. Your main character is nicely designed and expressive. Well done! Good luck with the contest!


Very promising Novel with lots of interesting and engaging plots. The characters keep getting more relevant and relatable with each chapter. Looking forward to more chapters. Keep up the good work Author.


Overall: The story is quite captivating. It's one that promises action and adventure. I love the main protagonist. And I also like the exchange between the colleagues. It makes it more relaxing. That said, I've noticed some subtle errors that you may need to correct. Most of them are typos. For example instead of *at* you write as. And ommision as well. But these aren't enough to dampen the story


LOVE the twist and its so rare to see such a themed book. Very interesting and very well written! Am adding this to my library for sure! Good job author.


Easy read which I love. Need some grammer help but story is interesting and fun. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Will follow to see what happens. Keep thing misterious and keep your readers wanting to know what will happen.✌🏻🤞🏻Good Luck


I'm only a couple chapters in and I'm in love! I love the twist in the first chapter and how you added suspense in with it! I'm definitely going to be reading this all the way through ♡


This book is amazing. I especially love how the characters are explained. The plot is also very thrilling and it's development is great. Great job author san.🤗


wow the story keeps the readers hooked up!! and most importantly thank you for naming those characters that way.. i have already added this one to my library and i genuinelly recommend all readers to read this one!!


Wow, something unique is being portrayed by the author. The character design is top notched. The minor details that the author had focused on adds to make the story more engaging. the only thing I would recommend would be to work upon background settings. Looking forward to more chapters.


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